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When a Heart Stopped

Weekly Mission Story - KidsRomania

January 26, 2020

Naomi Felicia Maftei was running late to church school in Constanta, Romania. Thinking that she had already missed morning worship, she rushed straight to her classroom.

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"Live to a 10+, Part 2


December 24, 2016

“I preach and have contact with the members on Sabbath, but this is a way of making things practical during the week. It helps us to do something for the community—and especially for the young people.”

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Something To Hope For


November 12, 2016

The word “hope” caught Mother’s attention. She wasn’t a religious woman, but she needed something to hope for, so she decided to attend the meetings with her children.

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Listening to God


November 5, 2016

Sometimes when God wants to tell a grown-up person something, He must use a child to get their attention.

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"Most Important Day"


October 29, 2016

Now is the time to become involved in everything you can at your church.

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Happy and Sad


October 22, 2016

"Remember that Jesus came into this world to search for you, to save you and to offer you everlasting life as a gift! Repay His sacrifice by offering Him your love!”

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