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What Are the Mission Offerings?

Learn more about how your money is used.

The Adventist Church is built on mission. Our commission comes from Christ, who told us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” Mark 16:15 NIV. Sharing God’s love around the world is like a vehicle. It needs fuel to propel it. Our mission offerings are the fuel that propels almost every aspect of outreach. Without that fuel, our best efforts are hampered.

2023 Special Offerings

The church is united by its call to support mission. But few of us know exactly what the mission offering does, where it comes from, or where it goes. Our offerings support frontline evangelism in unentered countries as well as in teeming cities. They help build and sustain schools, establish churches, and help produce literature for distribution in hundreds of languages. In short, our mission offerings do everything our tithes can’t do. Did you know that you can greatly increase the impact of your church’s giving to missions by using our special offering promotional materials? They are free to download and share with your members.

July 8 Mission Offering Promotional Resources
September 9 Unusual Opportunities Offering Promotional Resources
November 11 Global Mission's Annual Sacrifice Offering Promotional Resources

13th Sabbath Offering

The 13th Sabbath Offering allows us to give to specific projects that grow the church in tangible ways. One of the first 13th Sabbath Offerings in 1912 helped develop the River Plate Academy and school of theology in Argentina. Today the River Plate campus houses a university with 2,500 students as well as elementary and secondary schools enrolling 1,000 students. Our offerings have been instrumental in growing institutions such as these around the world. Here is where the upcoming 13th Sabbath Offerings will go to:

June 25, 2022
Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division
September 24, 2022
South American Division
December 31, 2022*
Note: The 13th Sabbath Offering will be collected on December 31, which is the 14th Sabbath of the quarter.
South Pacific Division
March 25, 2023*
Note: The 13th Sabbath Offering will be collected on March 25, which is the 12th Sabbath of the quarter.
East-Central Africa Division
June 24, 2023
Inter-European Division
September 30, 2023
Note: The 13th Sabbath Offering will be collected on September 30, which is the 14th Sabbath of the quarter.
Trans-European Division
December 30, 2023 West-Central Africa Division