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Mission Kit for NAD Educators

Mission Kit for NAD Educators

Download the full kit or click on a link below to access a specific section. Then, click on each date and program component, print them out and use during your school’s Week of Prayer.

Why a Mission Kit?

Few things generate excitement in the Seventh-day Adventist Church as much as hearing stories about missionaries and their adventures in foreign lands. Dedicated men, women, and children have done many daring things for God. Despite the danger, illness, or discouragement, most missionaries wouldn't trade their experiences for anything. What makes it worth it? The miracles? The baptisms? The lifelong friendships they made in another culture?

During this Week of Prayer, your students will learn lessons from the lives of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul and young missionaries around the world on how to be an effective missionary in modern times. They will also discover how their mission offerings have been changing people's lives.

Most of these presentations are best presented during your Week of Prayer by a teacher/pastor, but we also encourage you to consider inviting older students to present one or more of the sermonettes, and to prepare the welcome, opening prayer for the cities, and closing prayer.


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