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4th quarter 2018 features the Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

4th Quarter 2018

Knowing the Right People

October 6, 2018

Connections are essential in Myanmar. It’s who you know that counts in this Southeast Asian country.

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Water of Life

October 13, 2018

Small act of kindness paves the way for the opening of an Adventist school in a hostile village in Myanmar.

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Floating Hand

October 20, 2018

“If God had not performed the miracle, I probably wouldn’t believe in Him today,” Som An says.

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Experiment in Church

October 27, 2018

When the offering bucket came around, Pheara dropped in all the money that he had in the world.

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Flying for God

November 3, 2018

“God has put everything in place to work things out,” Dwayne says.

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Preaching Physicians

November 10, 2018

“We need unity before we treat the outside world,” says Doctor Jay.

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Healing Lime

November 17, 2018

My friend and I prayed, “Lord, if this is the way for our missionary work to begin, please perform a miracle.”

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Life-Changing Garbage

November 24, 2018

“The villagers, starting with me, persecuted Adventists at first,” says the farmer.

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Poisoned by a Mother

December 1, 2018

Mama Wandi told the other villagers, “These missionaries are not ordinary people. I have been poisoning their food for two weeks, and they never get sick!”

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Baffling Bible

December 8, 2018

Frustrated, Zelindo knelt and prayed, “God, I want to understand Your Word, but I don’t know how.”

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Living by Faith

December 15, 2018

Yoyo felt that he was qualified for nearly any job but nobody gave him a job in Korat.

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Praying for Missing Sister

December 22, 2018

“God can perform miracles for anyone,” the teacher said. “You just need to trust in Him.”

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Temper Trouble

December 29, 2018

Ann put down her foot when Mother ordered her to write a letter to the family god.

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3rd Quarter 2018

Possessed by 20 Spirits

July 7, 2018

Si-Woo is proclaiming all that Jesus has done for her at Adventist churches across South Korea. And all who hear her story are marveling.

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Loving Two Pastors

July 14, 2018

“We are melting into this message.”

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Converting an Adventist

July 21, 2018

I wanted to convert the Adventist literature evangelist, but she ended up converting me.

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Sabbath Fills Emptiness

July 28, 2018

Nowadays, I no longer feel empty. What was missing from my life was the Sabbath truth. My heart is filled with joy in Jesus!

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Forgive Me, Father

August 4, 2018

I loved my friends and wanted to be baptized, but I couldn’t forget how I had treated my father. I wished that I could ask his forgiveness.

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Jesus Catches Fisherman

August 11, 2018

I told the man, “I’m sorry. I do not have a cigarette to give you, but I do have this.”

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Mother to Hundreds

August 18, 2018

Mayumi could not change her past, and her scarred skin would never be the same as before.

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Stranded at Adventist College

August 25, 2018

“It wasn’t the Bible that first taught me that God is love,” he said. “My friends and teachers taught me that God is love through their loving words and actions.”

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Eighth Grader Converts Church

September 1, 2018

“This is no longer our last meeting! This will be our first meeting as we start out new!”

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World’s Best Job

September 8, 2018

I’ve only been a missionary for six months so far, and I love it! There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a life change through God’s power.

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I Don’t Want to Teach

September 15, 2018

“You never know who you will become. Only God knows. When we are patient and obey, God plans our lives for us.”

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A Second Life

September 22, 2018

Two paths lay before Peter: to stay in the hospital, spending money and putting a bigger burden on his parents, and finally to die, or to trust God.

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Thirteenth Sabbath: Sabbath Over Bicycles

September 29, 2018

“I wanted to keep my faith more than I wanted a higher salary,” says Jin Rong Gao.

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