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Month 1

April–The Neighbors Who Came to Know Jesus

Throughout South America, Adventists are spreading the gospel message. Let's visit Brazil and Peru to see how church members have lead people to Jesus!

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    Monthly Stories

  • April–The Neighbors Who Came to Know Jesus

    Throughout South America, Adventists are spreading the gospel message. Let's visit Brazil and Peru to see how church members have lead people to Jesus!

  • May–On the Run

    The Rohingya people have fled their homes in search of safety and freedom, often leading them to difficult living conditions. Seeing the need for aid, ADRA has stepped in to assist in providing basic human needs.

  • June–Showing God's Love in South America

    From a cowboy in Peru, to a destroyed home in Brazil, God can use anyone or anything to share a message of hope with people.

  • Weekly Stories

  • April 6–The Neighbors Noticed

    Josenildo used to drink and cause trouble in his neighborhood in Brazil. When the loud music and commotion from his house stopped one day, the neighbors got worried, only to find a surprise.

  • April 13–The Cowboy from Cusco

    Today we'll join Fortunato's leather making class! But at this class, we'll learn more than just how to make a belt or a bag. He'll teach us a lesson from the Bible.

  • April 20–I Met Jesus on a Bike

    Strap on your helmet and let's go for a ride! Adventists in Puerto Rico are cycling with a purpose. They have found community in Jesus through bikes.

  • April 27–The Family on the Run

    We'll follow a Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh to see how she escaped a difficult situation. Her new home poses new challenges, but ADRA is there to help.

  • May 4–Feeding the 800,000

    In Bangladesh, thousands of Rohingya refugees have settled in camps. The ADRA International president visits one of these camps to share the challenges and what ADRA is doing to help.

  • May 11–Your Church Won't Save You

    When a disagreement about valuable land in New Delhi can't be settled, a Global Mission pioneer is threatened but offers to take care of the property until there is a resolution.

  • May 18–The Girl No One Wanted

    ADRA's Keep Girls Safe initiative has been a refuge for many young girls in Thailand. Let's visit them to hear how one girl's life was transformed!

  • May 25–No Birthday Cake

    When Juliana's birthday came around, she didn't want a birthday cake, she wanted to feed the homeless. When her mother resisted, Juliana found a way to overcome all obstacles and be an example for Jesus.

  • June 1–Driven to Healthy Living

    A mobile clinic in Mexico is the perfect way to bring healthcare to those who can't visit a regular doctor. Let's go to Villahermosa to join one of the bus stops!

  • June 8–"A Ultima Mensagem" by Sollanza

    A song in Portuguese with images of mission from around the world!

  • June 15–And a Teen Will Lead Them

    A teenage girl is instrumental in educating villagers about health. In India, programs set up by ADRA have been a huge benefit to the people.

  • June 22–We Stood at the Door and Knocked

    When Abigail opened the door to strangers, she had no idea her life was about to change. Let's visit Lima, Peru, to see how a neighborhood is being transformed!

  • June 29–Second Story, Second Chance

    When Nilda's home was destroyed by a landslide, she lost hope. But God had plans for her, so He brought the right people into her life as she hit rock bottom.

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