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June 29–Dr. Veggie

Knarik was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the Dr. Veggie cafe. Urban centers of influence such as Dr. Veggie can be a crucial bridge between the Adventist church and its community.

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Quarter 2

Monthly Videos

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    April–Mission in Euro-Asia

    From Global Mission pioneers to aiding those in need, Adventists are making connections with people in their communities. Let's visit the Euro-Asia region to see how God is working in the hearts and lives of the people there.

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    May–Reaching New Frontiers in Europe

    The Adventist message made its way to Europe more than 100 years ago, but believe it or not there are still unreached areas and people groups within Europe. Let's see how God is using people to spread a message of Hope there.

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    June–Making Meaningful Connections

    Personal connection is often the best way to share a message of hope with others. Adventists in the Euro-Asia region are doing just that through creative, meaningful ways!

Weekly Videos

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    April 6–Missionary Matrimony

    They met at church and fell in love with their common vision of sharing Jesus with their community. Now this couple is preparing to reach out to the busy and lonely people of Armenia. They need your prayers as they embark on this exciting adventure of faith and love!

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    April 13–Miburo’s Journey of Hope

    Miburo Balthazar, a church leader in Burundi, was amazed by the Hope for Africa series on Hope Channel. He and his congregation learned new truths and decided to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Hope Channel is changing lives in Africa and beyond with the gospel message.

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    April 20–Changing Shoes Saved the Day

    Daniil and his friends had just enjoyed a day of sledding. As they left the hill they came across an accident that they feel God protected them from!

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    April 27–Gambler Bets on Jesus

    A former gambler in Uzbekistan finds Jesus and transforms his life. He now cooks meals for the community and invites them to spend time together. He hopes to share joy with others.

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    May 4–A Family’s Mission to Switzerland

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is calling on a family to serve in Switzerland. We pray that the Holy Spirit will go before this missionary family, and that we each will make a fresh re-commitment to reach the unreached with hope.

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    May 11–The Most Wanted Man in the Village

    Hari, a Global Mission pioneer in Nepal, faces prejudice and challenges as he tries to share the gospel with the villagers. He befriends Suresh, a man who has a troubled life, and helps him find hope and peace in Jesus.

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    May 18–Why the Kids Stayed in Church

    In 2011, a portion of the 13th Sabbath Offering was used to translate children’s materials, like books, into the local languages of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Let's find out how that offering impacted kids at that time!

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    May 25–Two Ears to Hear

    Ales was born in Belarus with hearing in only one ear. Doctors told her there was nothing that could be done. But Ales' parents prayed for a miracle.

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    June 1–The Tour de Shetlands

    A small team of pastors spent one week cycling through the Shetland Islands to tell people about Jesus and hand out Christian literature. Let's watch how their adventure went.

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    June 8–"Donn zezi ou leker" by Valda

    "Donn zezi ou leker" (Give Jesus Your Heart). An original song by Valda from Seychelles.

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    June 15–When the World Hit Pause

    Nicole hadn't been to church in years, but when the COVID pandemic hit, she remembered a Seventh-day Adventist church she visited as a kid and wanted to reconnect.

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    June 22–Caring for Ukraine’s Refugees

    Adventists in the country of Georgia welcome refugees to their church for a variety of classes and programs. Church members have been praying for funds to build an urban center of influence that would provide space for them to offer more programs to their community.

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    June 29–Dr. Veggie

    Knarik was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the Dr. Veggie cafe. Urban centers of influence such as Dr. Veggie can be a crucial bridge between the Adventist church and its community.

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