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Month 1

January–Mission in Euro-Asia

Let's visit Euro-Asia and hear about Seventh-day Adventist history from this region. We'll also get a glimpse of what's happening today!

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    Mission Spotlight Monthly Stories

  • January–Mission in Euro-Asia

    Let's visit Euro-Asia and hear about Seventh-day Adventist history from this region. We'll also get a glimpse of what's happening today!

  • February–The I Will Go Movement

    The I Will Go initiative started from humble beginnings in South America. Let's learn some history and also see where we're going from here.

  • March–Lasting Education

    Adventists in the Euro-Asia region emphasize an importance of quality education. We'll visit two schools who are asking for your help to continue educating the next generation.

  • Mission 360° Weekly Stories

  • January 2–Adventist Mission in Euro-Asia

    Mr. Reiswig wanted to go as a missionary, but at 60 years old, he was considered too old—to make matters worse, he had a bad stutter! So how did he end up being the first Adventist missionary to the Euro-Asia Division?

  • January 9–Academy of Wisdom

    Getting an Adventist education in Ukraine when it was under the control of the Soviet Union was not just difficult--it was impossible. The city of Bucha was no exception, but now an Adventist school is providing wholistic education to the community.

  • January 16–From Dogs to Jesus

    Dogs and their owners in Quito, Ecuador are thrilled that One Year in Mission volunteers have become part of their community. The young volunteers came to share the love of Jesus—and surprisingly, this includes taking care of dogs.

  • January 23–How to Start a Missionary Movement

    Did you know that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has a strategic plan for the next five years? The plan is called I Will Go and it continues the Church’s mission to Reach the World. Adventists around the world are invited to participate and take the good news of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

  • January 30–I Will Go Worldwide

    Following Reach the World, the Church evaluated the effectiveness of our different initiatives worldwide to gain valuable insights for the future. After years of work and research, we developed that evaluation system and transformed it into a strategy that will run from 2020 to 2025 - which is called I Will Go.

  • February 6–Church Planting at Home

    In Fiji, all members are encouraged to build close relationships with their neighbors and their friends, lead them to know Jesus, and plant new churches where people live. Let's see how Simelli and Josephine planted a church in their home!

  • February 13–It’s Too Cold to Play

    Thanks to the generous giving to the 13th Sabbath Offering, kids in Kyrgyzstan now have a place to play and learn year round. Let's visit them to see how their lives have been impacted!

  • February 20–Surprise Gifts Over the Fence

    Jared thought it would be fun to surprise people with gifts. He wrapped up gifts, threw them over people's fences, then ran and hid.

  • February 27–Spiritual Sight for the Blind

    One small step can be a huge leap of faith for the Lord. Mundari, a local church member in the city of Manado, Indonesia, decided to make a difference by doing little acts of kindness for people who are visually impaired.

  • March 6–I Will Go Theme

    An original song to highlight the I Will Go initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • March 13–Aya’s House of Kids

    Aya wanted to create a fun and safe space for kids in Tokyo, but it would take a miracle to be able to afford a new house. Watch to see how God provided in her life!

  • March 20–Healing Still Happens

    Alvard felt completely lost as her daughter lay in a hospital bed. The doctors weren't optimistic, so Alvard pleaded with God to save her daughter.

  • March 27–The Challenge of Popularity

    Come with us to Russia and discover how an Adventist school is changing the lives of youth! Zaoksky Christian School has been operating in Russia since 1993, and many students have been blessed by Adventist education.

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