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Adventist Mission

What is Mission Spotlight?

Mission Spotlight is a video resource containing 3 full-length mission reports featuring 13th Sabbath Offering projects , division overview piece and a special emphasis video. 

Accompanying Mission Spotlight, you will also find a selection of 13 short stories as an option for a weekly spotlight on Adventist Mission work around the world.

The monthly full-length stories run 8 to 10 minutes and the short stories are 3 to 4 minutes long.

Who produces Mission Spotlight?

The video stories are filmed all around the world and are produced by the Office of Adventist Mission at the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters.

How much does it cost my church?

Free (options for individual members are currently being explored).

Who is the intended audience for Mission Spotlight®?

It is for all members and friends of the church family.

Do we have to sign up to receive future Mission Spotlight DVDs?

No, a copy will automatically be sent to your church.

How often will we receive a new Mission Spotlight DVD?

We plan to send a new Mission Spotlight DVD each quarter.

Do these stories correspond to this quarter’s mission offerings?

Some do, and some do not. The overall goal is to share stories that will show what mission offerings have accomplished, to thank members for their support, and to report on what still needs to be done.

Should we show all of the mission segments at once?

We recommend that the segments be shown over the course of a quarter. Also, it helps to remind members that ongoing support to the worldwide mission of the Church is important. 

What if we don’t show all of the stories before the quarter ends?

No problem. Just save them for another opportunity, or check out the suggestions below.

Ways to use the Mission Spotlight DVD 

  • Show mission stories during the announcement period before church begins
  • Use it at prayer meetings or vespers
  • Share with the junior, earliteen, and youth departments
  • Let the Pathfinders use it at club meetings
  • Show it to homebound members on a portable DVD player
  • Loan it to the church school to connect mission with a geography class
  • Lend it to members who want to see it again
  • Use the DVD to inspire members to organize fundraising events for missions
  • Play the DVD continuously at a fundraising activity where the proceeds will be used for missions