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Listening to God

Sometimes when God wants to tell a grown-up person something, He must use a child to get their attention. Today we will hear about one such child in the country of Romania.

The Adventist churches in Romania were holding evangelistic meetings. Church members put up posters and invited their friends and neighbors to attend.

“We have to go!”

On her way to school one day seven-year-old Raluca [rah-LOO-kah] saw one of the posters. It said something about some meetings about the Bible, but she didn’t pay much attention. But when she saw an advertisement on television for the Bible meetings, she remembered the poster that she had seen and told her mother, “We have to go to these meetings!”

Mother listened to Raluca’s plea and agreed to take her to the meeting.

The following day Raluca had a hard time concentrating on her studies. Her mind kept wandering to the meeting that evening. But when she returned home from school, her mother told her that she wouldn’t be able to go to the meeting after all. “I have so much housework to do!” Mother said. “I can’t finish it if I go to that meeting. I’m sorry, Raluca.”

Helping Mother

Raluca was so disappointed she almost cried. But what could she do? Then she had an idea. If she helped her mother with the housework, maybe they could still go to the meeting. Raluca didn’t usually help with the housework, but she immediately began helping her mother wash the dishes, clean the house, and complete the other tasks that needed doing. And by 7:30 that evening all the work was finished.

“Mother, we still have a half hour before the meeting starts,” Raluca said, pointing to the clock. “May we go to the meeting? Please?”

Her mother agreed and so the two quickly dressed and went to the meeting.

Raluca and her mother liked what they heard and attended every meeting of the series. When the speaker asked everyone to bring a friend to the meetings, Raluca asked her father to join them. He came and found the presentations interesting, too.

The meetings lasted only two weeks, but during that short time Raluca’s family found something to bring their family new hope. They found a personal friend in Jesus because Raluca listened when God spoke to her.