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About My Father's Business

South Korea

March 24, 2014

I’m about my Father’s business now. Whatever I end up doing, I know God will always be leading me, and where He leads me, I will follow.

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Donelda's Story


March 24, 2014

The villagers are amazed at the sudden change in Donelda. A Gitxsan* native of northern Canada, she was previously known in the village of Gitanyow, as the “Evil Woman”, for she was an alcoholic, mean tempered, and abusive to her children.

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My Faith Is Firm

March 22, 2014

Monsurat is from Nigeria. As a teen, she was curious about her neighbor. He didn’t go to the mosque on Friday, and always seemed relaxed and happy. She wondered what made him so different.

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Dorcas Shares Her Faith

March 22, 2014

On her way to church one Sabbath Dorcas saw two girls quarreling. I wish they would stop fighting, Dorcas thought. Dorcas looked around, but nobody else was nearby. So she walked toward the girls and said, “Please don’t fight!”

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God Has the Best in Store


March 20, 2014

It was our first time in Thailand, and we felt a bit of culture shock. Everything around us was so strange and different. I remembered a quote that I had seen in a brochure about volunteering. It went something like, “When we go somewhere as a volunteer, we want to change people and help them. But we should remember that we ourselves will never be the same.”

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Becoming a Volunteer


March 17, 2014

I can still remember learning how to read a map when I was a little boy. It made me realize how big the Earth is and how many countries there are. I remember looking at my map frequently, and I would make plans to go abroad to learn more about other cultures and countries.

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Too Many Jonathans

March 15, 2014

Jonathan Boeyah walked through the main gate of the Adventist Seminary of West Africa. He hardly noticed the colorful flowers blooming brightly from recent rains. Tired and dusty, he made his way to the administrative offices and asked for the registrar.

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Joshua's Tests

March 15, 2014

When Joshua’s school began holding classes on Sabbath, Joshua’s father explained the Bible Sabbath to the head teacher and asked permission for Joshua to miss classes on Sabbath.

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The Labors of Mrs. Langhu


March 12, 2014

The people of northeast India had given me more with their simple kindnesses than I could ever have given them as a volunteer schoolteacher.

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What Does it Take?

March 11, 2014

Being willing and adjusting – are the two most desirable qualities in a volunteer. Those who develop these qualities make wonderful, successful volunteers. I am often asked what it takes to serve as a volunteer and this is my typical answer – be willing and flexible.

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