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Meet Our Missionaries


March 2, 2015

Bordes and Lucette talked with Mission 360°, sharing a glimpse into what Bordes smilingly refers to as a real adventure—six people starting new lives in a completely different environment.

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Leaving Ordinary


March 24, 2014

My time in Thailand has changed the way I see others, the way I see God, and the way I see His plan for my life. Whatever I do, whoever I am, must be completely and totally for Him.

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God Has the Best in Store


March 20, 2014

It was our first time in Thailand, and we felt a bit of culture shock. Everything around us was so strange and different. I remembered a quote that I had seen in a brochure about volunteering. It went something like, “When we go somewhere as a volunteer, we want to change people and help them. But we should remember that we ourselves will never be the same.”

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Memoirs of a Student Missionary



Student missionaries have different experiences when they choose to serve in another country. Some can be good, and some not so good.

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