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Please meet the Saturné family: Bordes and Lucette and their children, Sarah, Joel and Jeremy, and Daniel.

Please meet the Saturné family: Bordes and Lucette and their children, Sarah (19), Joel and Jeremy (12), and Daniel (8).

They’ve been serving in Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand, for the past two years at Asia-Pacific International University, formerly known as Mission College.

Bordes and Lucette talked with Mission 360°, sharing a glimpse into what Bordes smilingly refers to as a real adventure—six people starting new lives in a completely different environment.

Mission 360°: Lucette and Bordes, why has your experience in Thailand been so rewarding?

Lucette: There are many reasons, but perhaps the greatest is that this is the first time we have served in a country where the majority of the population is Buddhist. Less than 1 percent of the Thai people are Christian. It is a great challenge, but the door is wide open for missionary work here.

Bordes: It is so rewarding to share God’s love with young people in the 10/40 Window.* We have more than four hundred Buddhist students, and the majority have never seen a Bible before coming to our university.

M360°: How do the students learn about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian?

Bordes: We offer daily worship in the dorms, weekly chapel and vespers services, and weeks of prayer. All the students take Bible classes as part of their general education requirement. They’re also involved in community outreach, such as participating in branch Sabbath Schools.

M360°: How have the students responded to these opportunities?

Bordes: We had thirty-nine students commit their lives to God through baptism this year and twenty-five last year.

Mission 360°: Tell us about your lives before Thailand.

Lucette: Bordes and I were born in Haiti, but we are citizens of the United States. We were involved in ministry for twenty-three years in New York and Massachusetts before moving to Thailand.

M360°: What are your responsibilities at the university?

Bordes: I am an ordained minister, and I serve as vice president for student administration, chairing the Spiritual Life Committee and coordinating with the pastors and the chaplains the spiritual activities on and off campus. I supervise the six dormitories; the counseling and health services; and the community outreach, sports, recreation, and cultural activities on campus. I also teach a New Testament class in the Faculty of Religious Studies.

Lucette: I am the retention coordinator and in charge of the Learning Center. I also teach English as a second language in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Sometimes, I lead the Sabbath School class for the nine to twelve age group.

Mission 360°: It sounds like you’re very busy and that you have many opportunities for touching lives for Christ.

Bordes: Every day God shows us new ways to share Him, but last year’s experience was very special. We held our first public evangelism event in the town of Muak Lek. Our students and faculty worked together to share the good news with our community and more than a hundred and fifty visitors attended the meetings.

Mission 360°: What do you enjoy about your life in Thailand?

Lucette: We like the great weather, the beautiful campus, and the many friends we’ve made. Our outreach and mission trips have been life changing. And it is a joy to see the students seek a deeper knowledge of God and a closer relationship with Him.

Bordes: For me the greatest joy is being able to personally baptize our students. It’s a pleasure to share our faith and be able to make a difference in people’s lives. We’ve also enjoyed the adventure of moving to a different country and meeting new people.

M360°: Is there anything in particular that you would like the worldwide church to pray for?

Bordes: Yes, please pray for peace in Thailand because there has been unrest here, for the protection of our family, and for our students and their families to accept God’s love.

* The 10/40 Window encompasses an area between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator, covering North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It is home to two-thirds of the world’s population and most of the world’s least-reached countries and people groups.

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