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August 19–Camporee Connections

Anna and Emilia have a lot in common. They like the piano, dogs, gymnastics, Pathfinders, camporees, the Bible, and playing special music. But now they have something even more important in common. They both love Jesus.

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Quarter 3

Monthly Videos

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    July–Mission Across Europe

    From motorcycle events in Serbia to taking in Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Adventists across Europe are finding ways to implement Christ's method of ministry!

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    August–Reaching the Unreached

    Let's see how your faithful giving to Global Mission has impacted lives in Asia and then travel to Kenya to see how the Adventist message was brought there.

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    September–Creating Connections in Europe

    Adventists in Europe are building strong relationships with those around them. They are able to do so because they genuinely care about them and want to meet their community needs.

Weekly Videos

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    July 1–Every Ride is a Mission

    Hundreds of motorcycles flooded the streets of Serbia on their way to the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry bike festival! It was a chance for people across Europe to get to know Adventists. Pray that people will come to know Jesus as a result of this creative ministry.

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    July 8–Reclaiming a Lost Summer Camp

    After only one Friday night service in their building, the Adventist property was confiscated and held by local authorities. A pioneer Adventist tells the challenges of the early days in Montenegro.

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    July 15–When God Stopped the Rain

    Six-year-old Julia sat at her desk and waited for the teacher to speak. She knew what the teacher was going to ask, and she was ready to answer on this rainy day.

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    July 22–DC in DC

    In Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, a new church plant has been created. They are finding a new way to reach the unchurched. Pastor Joanne and her community are active in ministering to the city.

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    July 29–Global Mission and the Drug Trade

    Many of you helped to establish a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the city of Kalay, Myanmar. The center is there to assist people who are struggling to overcome their addictions. Thanks to your faithful giving to Global Mission, this project is now fully funded and is helping to change lives for the glory of God!

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    August 5–Pioneers of Hope in Kenya

    Today there are more than 1 million Seventh-day Adventists in Kenya worshiping in more than 10 thousand churches and companies. One in 49 people is a Seventh-day Adventist. Let's go back to see how the Adventist message spread throughout Kenya.

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    August 12–Growing a Healthy Church

    In 2020, a portion of your 13th Sabbath Offering helped establish a church in Novi Belgrade. They were able to get a space with two levels and are in the process of renovating the lower level to be an urban center of influence! Thank you for giving to the 13th Sabbath Offering.

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    August 19–Camporee Connections

    Anna and Emilia have a lot in common. They like the piano, dogs, gymnastics, Pathfinders, camporees, the Bible, and playing special music. But now they have something even more important in common. They both love Jesus.

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    August 26–Loving the Children of the Cities

    Realizing the importance of reaching the young in their community, church members in cities around the world are connecting with this special group in different ways. Visit for resources and more ideas on how you can use your skills and talents to reach the people in your city.

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    September 2–"I Will Go" by LoudVoice

    An original song by LoudVoice. Official GYD22 theme song. To hear more from them, visit their YouTube page.

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    September 9–More Than a Meal

    On a busy street along the coast of Montenegro, an Adventist-owned vegan restaurant prepares for the lunch rush. Operating a restaurant such as this one creates the opportunity to talk with customers about a variety of topics.

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    September 16–Redefining “Sanctuary”

    Ruslana and her family are among the millions of refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Few know where they will end up. Adventist churches across Europe are redefining what it means for a church to be a sanctuary. ADRA supports their efforts to take in thousands of refugees.

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    September 23–A “Nature Station” in the City

    In Latvia, Adventists aren’t afraid to try creative approaches to ministry. This quarter a portion of your 13th Sabbath Offering will create a new urban center of influence in the capital city of Riga!

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    September 30–Refocusing on Mission

    We rejoice to see new groups of believers planted in the 10/40 Window, in the city, among other religious groups, among the secular and post-Christian. But the time has come for another mission refocus. A time for aligning our hearts and minds, our people, our resources, our budgets to reach the unreached with hope.

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