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Our Sabbath Miracle


February 18, 2016

We couldn’t find a church that had been found many times before, but we visited a friend whose family was choosing to be truly found for the first time.

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When God Sent a Coconut


September 28, 2015

We need to get off this mountain now! But which way should we turn? I wondered, attempting to stifle a surge of panic. I tried to get our bearings in the fading light, but the thick foliage and towering ridges blocked my view.

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The Christmas Cookie Project


September 14, 2015

Growing up as missionary kids, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we actually live in the mission field. Life here seems normal to us, just like life seems normal to you, wherever you live.

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Jason's Victory Socks


September 8, 2015

Throughout our lives we experience many small victories. Sometimes we may feel that a victory is so small, it isn’t worth sharing with others.

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Ethan's Evolution


February 2, 2015

Maybe God put me in a place where I would have to call on Him. A place where He could use me to change a little boy and where a little boy could change me.

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Yap Snorkelers


June 10, 2014

Now we are again back in Finland and continuing our everyday life, but I would say that we see the world through different eyes. We want to live our lives with God and see what adventures He leads us to in the future!

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My Part of the Story


March 24, 2014

We all have choices to make in a broken world. We can sit back and watch in fear, or we can ask God how He can use us to be a part of His healing process.

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