gustina was eight when a friend invited her to a neighbor’s house in Uruguay.

“Aunt Marita tells great Bible stories every Friday evening,” her friend said. “You should come!”

Agustina asked her mother for permission to go, and she agreed on the condition that the two of them go together. Her mother wanted to hear what kind of stories Aunt Marita was telling.

On Friday evening, they went to Aunt Marita’s house. Aunt Marita read a story from the Bible. Then everyone sang songs about Jesus. When the sun went down, she said the Sabbath had begun, and she prayed.

Agustina enjoyed the meeting and begged her mother to let her go again. They went together again the next Friday. But after that, her mother allowed Agustina to go by herself.

After a while, Agustina learned that every Sabbath Aunt Marita went to a small Seventh-day Adventist church a few blocks from her house. She asked if she could go with her to church, and her mother agreed.

Sabbath became the best day of the week for Agustina. She was thrilled to welcome the Sabbath at Aunt Marita’s house with a Bible story, singing, and prayer on Friday evening. Agustina jumped out of bed joyfully on Sabbath morning to attend church with Aunt Marita.

At church, Agustina fell in love with the Sabbath School class. She especially liked hearing mission stories from the Children’s Mission quarterly about children around the world. It was inspiring to hear how God was using the mission offerings to change the lives of kids just like her!

Although Agustina was young, she listened to the sermons very carefully. Soon she began to study the Bible. The more she read the Bible, the more she learned about Jesus and His love. Agustina decided to give her heart to Jesus and get baptized.

A short time later, someone told her that there was an Adventist school in Uruguay. Agustina wanted to study there, but her mother said the public school was better because it was free.

Agustina didn’t give up. She prayed for many months to study at the Adventist school. Then her church took part in a special 10 Days of Prayer program with other churches around the world. Agustina prayed extra hard. At the end of the 10 days, her mother agreed to send her to the Adventist school. She was so happy! God had answered her prayers! God even helped them find money to pay for the school tuition.

Agustina loves Jesus with all her heart. “It was so amazing to know that someone like Jesus could love me so much that He gave His life for me!” she says.


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