hen Naresh and his wife, Rita, moved to a South Asian city, they prayed for ways to sow seeds of faith and plant a church. And they added, “Lord! Help us reach out and bring change in the community.”

Moving into any new neighborhood can present challenges, but through prayer, Naresh’s first challenge became an opportunity. In front of their new home was an open drainage ditch—a sewer—and it was blocked. This blockage resulted in a terrible stench that all the residents hated. However, no one wanted to do the disgusting work necessary to clean it out. As Naresh and his wife prayed for ways to reach out, they were impressed that they needed to clean out that sewer.

The next morning, the husband and wife woke up at five o’clock. They surveyed the sewer’s drain area to look for the blockage but couldn’t find the source. The next day, Naresh woke again at five o’clock and searched on the opposite side of the drain.  This time, he found the blockage. Immediately Naresh started unclogging the sewer, taking out the garbage that kept it from draining. While he was working, a community elder began yelling, “Why are you pulling out all this garbage? You’re creating more mess, and the stench is worse!” But Naresh kept cleaning. Finally, the sewer was unclogged, and the smell disappeared.

Afterward, the neighbors started noticing the clean surroundings—and Naresh and Rita.

They said, “We saw you in the morning cleaning the sewer! Who are you? Why are you so concerned about unclogging and cleaning the drain?” Similar questions came from other curious neighbors. “Around ten o’clock each day, you dress up and go to work. Then, in the late evening, we notice you praying. Who are you?”

Naresh and Rita smiled as they understood that through a clogged sewer, God had opened the way for them to minister in this community, sowing seeds of faith. They invited the neighbors to join them for evening prayers.

A family invited Naresh and Rita to pray for a man named Raju, who was paralyzed. Naresh prayed for Raju regularly, but he didn’t stop there. He also visited Raju and gave him massages. After three months of prayer and massages, Raju recovered muscle strength.

Raju’s wife was overjoyed about this change. She told all her friends and relatives what was happening. One day, 30 women came to Naresh and Rita’s house, requesting prayer for their families. More doors of ministry opened!

Naresh and Rita continue to serve the people of their neighborhood through small prayer groups and health programs. They conduct online and onsite prayer meetings every day, and they worship on Sabbaths with small groups. Forty people attend a weekly prayer meeting. Naresh and Rita are there to stay until they develop a house church that is ready to multiply.

Please ask God to continue blessing Naresh and Rita’s incarnational ministry.