induism is the third-largest world religion and the one most practiced in South Asia. It has no historical founder; its authority rests upon sacred texts and gurus. The terms Hinduism and sanatana dharma, meaning “eternal way of right living,” are often used interchangeably. There is no one definition of what makes someone Hindu; individuals determine what they believe. A person can be a Hindu without believing the Hindu scriptures or in any of the religion’s 33 million gods.

Some Hindu Worldviews

Hindus generally believe in:

  • Samsara, where the soul experiences a continuous loop of life, death, and rebirth
  • Karma, a universal law in which good or bad actions determine in what body a person will be reborn
  • The soul experiencing spiritual growth through continuous lifetimes
  • Moksha, the goal of every soul to be freed from impurity and samsara and emerge into a supreme being

Common Ground

Hindus, like us:

  • Desire a spiritual walk with God
  • Engage in daily worship and prayer
  • Place a high value on family
  • See sin as a barrier to salvation
  • Tend to be vegetarians

Tips for Making Friends With Hindus

  • Learn their names
  • Visit people in their homes. Many South Asians believe that having visitors brings them blessings
  • Pray with them, especially for health and family issues
  • Converse on everyday topics such as health, family, and children’s education
  • Share a meal
  • Tell your testimony, especially stories of healing from sickness
  • Introduce our health message and vegetarian lifestyle