udaism is comprised of the beliefs and practices of the Jewish people. It’s a monotheistic religion that began with the patriarch Abraham some 4,000 years ago. There are five main forms of Judaism: orthodox, conservative, reformed, reconstructionist, and humanistic. The largest population of Jews lives in Israel, with nearly 7 million; approximately 6 million live in the United States.

Some Judaic Worldviews

Judaists believe in one God who revealed Himself through prophets, created the world, gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and rewards people for good deeds while punishing evil.  Most believe the Messiah is yet to come.

Common Ground

Judaists, like us:

  • Reverence the Hebrew Bible
  • Believe in Bible prophecy
  • Observe the biblical seventh-day Sabbath
  • Believe in the necessity of atonement for sin
  • Believe in the judgment and resurrection of the dead
  • Adhere to the Levitical dietary laws

Tips for Making Friends With Jews

  • Learn their names
  • Invite them to your home to enjoy refreshments or a meal
  • Talk about current events, but avoid controversial topics
  • Listen to stories about their spiritual journey
  • Discuss the beauty of the Psalms or the love of God as found in the Torah