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Standing Before Jesus

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, January 14.

By Andrew McChesney


laude was a rough boy who liked to pick fights with the other boys in Rwanda. Life was difficult at home, so he preferred to play on the street with his friends. He often got into trouble.

One day, Claude saw a boy carrying a book called The Great Controversy. On the cover of the book was a picture of majestic angels in white. Claude was astonished at the title, The Great Controversy. He knew that the word “controversy” meant to have a disagreement or an argument. He had seen many disagreements and arguments in his young life. So, a “great controversy” must mean to have a big disagreement or a big argument. If the book was about a big argument, why were there majestic angels in white on the book cover? Claude was very curious.

“Can I borrow your book?” he asked the boy.

The boy knew that Claude liked to pick fights and often got into trouble.

“If you repent, you will stand like these angels that you see on the cover,” the boy said. “If you repent, you will stand in the presence of Jesus when He comes back in glory.”

The boy’s words hit Claude like a bolt of lightning. He suddenly realized that he was indeed a very rough boy. He realized that he was very wrong to pick fights with other boys and get into trouble. He remembered that the boy with the Great Controversy book went to church every Sabbath.

“Can I go with you to church next Sabbath?” he asked.

The boy smiled.

“Yes,” he said. “Please come with me.”

On Sabbath, Claude prepared to go to church. He took a bottle of water and put it in a basket that he had made. Into the basket he also put his Bible, which he had received as a prize for getting good marks in school several years earlier. Then he started off for church. He was very excited. As he walked, he met other children who also were going to church.

At the church, children and adults welcomed Claude warmly. He felt happy and loved. He enjoyed the Sabbath School program very much.

After that Sabbath, Claude returned to church the next Sabbath and the next. Mother and Father allowed him to go. They were happy that he was interested in God.

Claude began to read his Bible and other books about God that he borrowed from other children.

In one book, he read about a boy who wanted to be a witness to others. In the story, the boy asked his father, “How can I teach the Word of God to other children?” His father replied, “Write your favorite Bible verses on pieces of paper and give those pieces of paper to other children.”

Claude loved the idea, and he immediately began writing his favorite verses on pieces of paper and giving them to other children.

Claude’s old friends didn’t understand what was going on. The rough boy who liked to pick fights with other boys and often got into trouble was now giving them Bible verses. What had happened to Claude? Some of the boys started to go to church with Claude on Sabbath. Four of them decided to give their hearts to Jesus.

Today, Claude still loves giving away pieces of paper with Bible verses. He loves talking about God. He is no longer a rough boy who likes to pick fights with other boys and often get into trouble. He is a boy who has repented of his old ways. He is a boy who looks forward to standing in the presence of Jesus when He comes back in glory.

Thank you for your Sabbath School mission offering that helps spread the good news about Jesus’ soon return to boys and girls in Rwanda and around the world.