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Marjorie Chisonga

Praying for a Baby

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, April 9.

By Andrew McChesney


hat is your favorite Bible story?

In the African country of Zambia lives a mother whose favorite Bible story is Hannah.

Do you remember the story of Hannah?

Hannah was a loving wife who wanted more than anything to become a mother. She wanted to have a baby. But she couldn’t. She and her husband waited for many years, but no baby was born. Hannah was very sad. In those days, the people of Israel traveled to worship in the tabernacle in Shiloh once a year. Hannah was especially sad during these trips. She cried and sometimes refused to eat.

During one visit to Shiloh, Hannah went to the tabernacle to pray for a baby. When Eli the high priest saw her crying and praying, he told her that God would give her a baby. And God did! Hannah became the happiest of mothers when she gave birth to a boy she named Samuel.

In Zambia, Mother read the story of Hannah in the Bible, and she liked it very much. You see, Mother also had a problem. After she got married, she gave birth to a baby boy. But then no more babies came. She and her husband waited. One year. Two years. Five years. Ten years.

People started to ask questions.

“Why aren’t you having any more babies?” a friend asked.

“That’s the way it is,” Mother replied. “God will provide.”

A kind neighbor suggested Mother go to the hospital for a checkup. “Maybe the medical doctor can help,” she said.

“No, that’s the way it is,” Mother said. “God will provide.”

Someone suggested that Mother visit the witchdoctor. “The witchdoctor can give you a secret herb,” she said.

Mother wanted a baby, but she knew the witchdoctor could not help. She did not believe in witchdoctors. She believed in the God of heaven, and she was sure that only He could give her a baby.

“No,” Mother said. “God will provide.”

The story of Hannah gave Mother hope. Hannah was a praying woman who never gave up praying. Mother prayed. She prayed for 13 years. Father prayed with her. “God, please give us another child,” she prayed.

Then one day Mother noticed something was different. She was pregnant! Mother and Father immediately knelt to pray.

“Thank you, God!” they prayed.

A few months later, Mother gave birth to a baby boy. She and Father named him Cheelela, which means “worthwhile” in her Tonga language.

In no time, Mother gave birth to another boy. This child was named Chakondela, which means “let it be so.”

Today, Mother perhaps is the happiest mother in Zambia. She has three boys, and they love Jesus.

“God has blessed my family beyond measure,” Mother said. “We just had to be patient. When you ask God for something good in faith, He will give you more than you could possibly desire.” ⎭

Mother (Marjorie Chisonga) teaches home economics and food and nutrition at Rusangu Secondary School, located on land where U.S. missionary William Harrison Anderson established the first Adventist outpost in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in 1905. Mission offerings supported Anderson’s work and still help to spread the gospel through missionaries. Thank you for your mission offering.