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Varothai “KK” Phodi, 13

Trusting God

God hasn’t always answered KK’s prayers in the way that she hoped.

KK comes from a non-Christian family and only learned about God and prayer at the Adventist school. When she was 8, she prayed for God to heal her mother from cancer.

“She was in pain and suffering,” KK said. “I prayed that He would heal the pain and that she would get better.”

At the school, Teacher Lynn taught KK to pray and read the Bible.

“Pray and trust in God,” she said.

Teacher Lynn prayed with KK every day for four months. Whenever KK felt that she needed to pray, the two knelt and prayed. Sometimes the whole class prayed together.

Mother didn’t say anything about the prayers, but she was happy and grateful that her daughter was receiving encouragement from her classmates and Teacher Lynn.

The children made greeting cards and gifts for KK and Mother. KK’s favorite card read, “Cheer up!”

Mother grew weaker and weaker.

KK told her classmates, “If it is God’s plan for Mother to go and for me to live without her, I have to believe and trust in Him.”

Then Mother died.

KK was very sad, and she wondered why God had allowed her mother to die. But as time passed, she learned more about God.

“I decided that God really knows what’s best for me and He knows what will happen in my future,” she said. “I trust in Him.”

Today, KK prays when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. She prays during the day at school.

“I thank God for bringing students to the school and ask Him to send His holy angels to protect each one of us,” she said.