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Demilade and Jessica

We're Going to Grow, Grow, Grow!

Hi, we’re Demilade and Jessica. We’re both in Pathfinders and both students at Babcock University High School. But there’s something else we have in common: we both love sharing Jesus!

As members of the Adventist Youth Ministry (AYM) on campus, we have many opportunities to help people in the towns near our school.

One of our favorite experiences was the time we went to a poor village to meet people who had never heard the gospel. While some of our group told them about Jesus, we tried to show His love by giving clothing to the kids. I wish you could have seen them. They got so excited, they ran to get their friends.

We help the student health professionals from the university offer free checkups and tell the people how much Jesus loves them. We also give each person something to read about Jesus and invite them to church.

It was exciting to see many of these people at church the next week. One couple and their child came to church and got baptized.

We’ve noticed that when we help meet people’s needs, they’re open to hearing what we have to share with them about Jesus.

Sabbath’s a Joy

We also share our faith at school because many of our classmates aren’t Adventists. One of our friends didn’t believe in God. She didn’t like the rules at school and asked why she should bother going to church on Saturday when she could stay home and have fun. We explained that our rules at school help to keep us happy and shared with her what we do at church. “Maybe you’re missing out on something special,” we said. Our friend decided to come to church with us, and now she believes in Jesus.

Room for Friends

We would love to invite our friends from town to join us for Sabbath worship and our AYM programs. But because we worship in small classrooms and have no worship center of our own, there’s no room for them.

This quarter, the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help us build a youth center large enough to accommodate our AYM members, plus our friends from town. Please give generously so we can reach more people for Jesus. Thank you!