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The Picture Roll Man, Part 2

I was so happy to be able to attend the Adventist Hills Tracts Seminary School (AHTSS) in Bangladesh, where everyone kept the Sabbath. I’m thankful that God helped me to receive a sponsorship so that I was able to stay at AHTSS through grade ten, when I completed my senior school certificate (SSC).

After completing my SSC, I went to another Adventist school—the Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary (KMMS). This school was very far from my home village—it took nearly two days to get there.

A Phone Call

One day when I was at KMMS, I received a phone call from someone in my village whom I didn’t know. The unknown voice said, “Dear Brother Kelvin, your father is very sick. Please come as soon as possible, otherwise you may not see him alive.”

I got permission from the school principal and then rushed home. My family and I took my father to the hospital, but the doctor and nurses told us “We are sorry, but we can’t help your father.” We took him to other hospitals, but the doctors and nurses said the same thing—“Your father is not going to survive.”

My heart was broken. I started wondering what our family would do without my father and I became very worried. After a while, my friend Milton came and put his hand on my shoulder. He told me, “Dear Brother, don’t worry about anything because God is there to carry your burden.”

Released From a Terrible Burden

I was crying and praying and had decided not to go back to school, but my friend Milton encouraged me and said, “We will see a miracle—you just trust God.” Then he gave me a hug, and I felt as if I had been released from this terrible burden.

Milton and I went back to school, and I started fasting every Sabbath and praying to God about my father. I kept fasting and praying for a while, and then one day I got another phone call: “Kelvin, your father is completely well!” I praised God with many tears and learned to trust Him more.

After recovering from his sickness, my father decided to accept Jesus as his personal Savior. Today I am so happy that God has blessed me and my family by helping us to know Him. Now I’m studying education and religion at the Bangladesh Adventist Seminary School and College. Please pray for me, and for the many people here in my country who do not yet know who Jesus is.