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Lessons of Life

“I’m so glad that I know Jesus,” Mook says. “Many children in Mongolia don’t even know who Jesus is.”

Mook is eight years old and in the third grade. Ever since he was little, his mother has taught him about God. “I’m so glad that I know Jesus,” Mook says. “Many children in Mongolia don’t even know who Jesus is.”

Mook’s New School

When Mook was ready to start school, he thought he would attend the same school as his brother. It frightened him a little to think of being in a classroom with many other children he didn’t know.

Then one Sabbath the pastor talked about a new school—an Adventist school. Mook wasn’t sure what an Adventist school was.

After church Mook’s mother asked the pastor about the new school. The pastor explained that the church was starting its own school. “The students will study the same subjects as children in public school do,” he said. “But they will learn from a Christian point of view. They will study the Bible and learn about God. They won’t compete with one another in class, but will be kind to one another and help one another with their studies. And since the teachers are Adventist Christians, the children won’t be taught things that Christians don’t believe.”

“Where is this new school?” Mother asked.

“It will be right here in the church,” the pastor said. “We’ll have to use the church’s classrooms until we can find a suitable building for our school.”

A smile crept over Mother’s face, and Mook realized that she was thinking of sending him to this new church school.

Mother did send Mook to the new Adventist school, and Mook is so glad.

Overcoming Shyness

“I used to be really shy and didn’t feel comfortable talking to people,” Mook says. “But my teachers encourage me to speak in class. I hope that soon I’ll be able to talk to other children in my apartment house. I want to tell them about Jesus and invite them to Sabbath School. Already I’m telling my cousins about Jesus when we spend the summer together.”

Important Lessons

Mook has learned lots more about God since he started studying at the Adventist school. He’s learned that he can pray about anything that concerns him. He prays for his father, who doesn’t attend church with the family. “I know that my prayers will make a difference in my father’s life,” he says.

“The best part of attending the Adventist school is that I feel safe there. My teacher is kind and helps me with my lessons. And the children are all friends. I hope more children will be able to attend the Adventist school in Mongolia and learn to love Jesus as I have.”

Boys and girls, our mission offerings are helping introduce children and adults in Mongolia to Jesus in many ways. Let’s do our part by bringing our mission offerings every week. Someday when Jesus takes us to heaven with Him, we’ll meet children who met Jesus because we gave our mission offering.