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The Sabbath Shoes, Part 1

This is an interesting story about how God used one young lady and a pair of shoes to teach a very important lesson to a shoe salesman.

This is an interesting story about how God used one young lady and a pair of shoes to teach a very important lesson to a shoe salesman. Here is his story:

One day a young lady entered the shoe shop where I worked. Something seemed different about her—she wasn’t wearing any makeup or jewelry, but she seemed to be very happy and glowing. Her name was Becky.

I brought out some shoes for her to try on, and she found a pair that she liked. Unfortunately, we didn’t have them in her size.

“That’s not a problem,” I told her. “We can order them and have them in the store in three days.” Becky ordered the shoes, and I told her to expect them in by Wednesday afternoon. “That’s great,” she said. “I don’t need them until Saturday.”

The Missing Shoes

Becky came back to the store on Wednesday afternoon, but her shoes weren’t there. I told her that I was sorry, but that I was sure her new shoes would come by the next day. But on Thursday, Becky’s shoes still weren’t there! I quickly telephoned the company and asked what had happened. The manager told me that he was sure the shoes would arrive the next day.

When Becky came to the store to get her shoes, I explained the problem, and she was very nice. “I don’t live very far away,” she said. “I can come tomorrow. Are you sure the shoes will be here by tomorrow?” she asked. “I really do need them on Saturday morning.” I told her that the manager said her shoes would really be there by Friday.

When Becky came to the store on Friday afternoon, I was very embarrassed. The delivery truck was late and hadn’t come to the store yet.

“Why don’t you wait here just a little while?” I asked Becky. “I’m sure that the driver will come any minute.”

“I’m sorry,” Becky said, “but I need to be home some so I can’t wait very long.”

“Why do you need the shoes tomorrow?” I asked her, hoping that her shoes would come as we were talking.

“I’m playing the organ, and my old shoes are almost worn out. It was time to buy a new pair,” she said.

Becky waited a few more minutes, then left the store without her shoes. Although she was very nice, I knew she was sad that her shoes still weren’t there.

Just 15 minutes after Becky left the store the driver arrived with Becky’s shoes. Quickly I called Becky and told her that her shoes had arrived.

“Why don’t you come back and pick them up?” I asked her. “That way you can wear your new shoes tomorrow!”

But suprisingly, Becky said, “It’s OK. I’ll wear my old shoes tomorrow and pick up the new ones on Saturday night.”

A Big Surprise

“But why don’t you get them this evening?” I kept asking her. “The shoes are here just waiting for you.”

“It’s OK,” Becky kept saying. “I’ll get them on Saturday night.”

Finally, I gave up and said goodbye.

A few minutes later, I was surprised to see Becky walk into the store!

“I wanted to come back to tell you that I’m really not angry that the shoes didn’t come in time. I know that you did everything you could to get them to come earlier,” she said. Then, she turned around and started walking back to the door.

“But wait!” I said. “What about your shoes?”

“It’s OK. I didn’t come back to pick up the shoes now. I’ll be back tomorrow night to get them.”

Maybe she doesn’t have enough money today to buy the shoes, I thought. “If you would like, I’d be happy to lend you some money so that you can get your shoes tonight.”

Becky smiled, but still said no. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll come tomorrow night and get them.” Then she walked out of the store.

To be continued next week.