Seven-year-old Sebastian decided to give his life to Jesus in an unusual place—on the soccer field! 

A few months before, he was excited when his parents, Moises and Angelica, signed him up for soccer lessons at the Lo Prado Life Hope Center, an urban center of influence in Santiago, Chile. Sebastian worked hard at his lessons, and his skills improved quickly. But he soon realized he was learning more than just soccer. 

Sebastian met Jesus through the One Year in Mission volunteers serving at the Life Hope Center, and he wanted his parents to know Jesus too. So each day after soccer lessons, while walking home with his parents, he told them about his new Friend. 

Around this time, Sebastian’s grandmother became very sick. Sebastian was worried. Pastor Abraham Cabezas, who led the center’s outreach programs, began visiting the family with his team of One Year in Mission volunteers to pray with and encourage them. 

Sebastian’s parents enjoyed these visits, and in time, they requested Bible studies. Eventually, the love of Jesus won their hearts, and they were baptized. And soon Sebastian’s grandmother regained her strength. 

The family is eternally grateful for the friendship and care showed by the One Year in Mission team. These volunteers continue to selflessly give their time to lead a variety of workshops and to be lights of hope in the community. 

“Through these workshops, many people can mingle with Adventists, and through their service, they can know the Lord,” Pastor Cabezas says. “I want to express my gratitude to Global Mission for believing and trusting in these projects. At any moment, the King in heaven will return, and we will see the result of all of the effort from Chile and the whole world.” 

Sebastian is very happy when he listens to his parents talk about their new lives. Thank you for supporting the ministry of urban centers of influence through your Global Mission donations and helping people fall in love with Jesus! 

Sebastian at his soccer lesson
Sebastian and his parents with Pastor Abraham Cabezas, right.


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