lobal Mission was established in response to an urgent need for frontline mission work. There are still 23 countries and areas where there is no Adventist presence. And incredibly, dozens of cities of more than 1 million people don’t have a single Adventist congregation.

Global Mission is faithfully meeting these challenges through the church-planting ministry of urban centers of influence or UCIs.

One such UCI, called Agape Villa, was built on land donated by an Adventist lay couple in Kalay, Myanmar. The city is at the crossroads of the drug trade between India and Myanmar. It’s strategically located to help people overcome their addictions.

Agape Villa is staffed by three Bible workers and usually has more than a dozen attendees, or campers as the staff calls them, in residence.

Lalthakima loves gardening at the center
The Bible workers, wearing red short-sleeved shirts, lead out in a Bible study
A dormitory built by the campers at Agape Villa

The campers are frequently brought to the center by concerned family members who are desperate to get help for their loved ones. Upon arrival, the camper signs an agreement that they will stay at the center for the entire five-month program.

One resident, Lalthakima, had started drinking more than 20 years ago when he was 17. He reached his lowest point after his divorce. Then, he learned about Agape Villa.

The grace of God and daily Bible study and prayer transformed Lalthakima’s heart. He found hope and health again after alcohol had nearly destroyed his life.

Over the past few years, Global Mission has helped to establish UCIs in several countries that offer long-term, wholistic ministry that connects with people on a local and personal level. Each center may look different, but all UCIs have the same goals—to minister to people’s physical and spiritual needs, lead people to Jesus, and plant new groups of believers.

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