2022 survey asked Seventh-day Adventists how often in the past 12 months they had spent time forming new friendships with non-Adventists. Forty-two percent admitted they were rarely or never involved. However, nearly 70 percent felt the church should increase its involvement in its community.1 As a church and as disciples of Jesus, we recognize we each need to connect with, befriend, and serve those outside our Adventist circles. Yet, we sometimes struggle to find opportunities to engage with those different from us. To foster specific opportunities to connect Adventists with non-Adventists through mission-focused service, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has developed VividFaith, an online recruiting tool (vividfaith.com).

By using VividFaith to recruit all types of personnel (volunteer, contract, full-time staff, remote workers, and others), organizations are finding creative ways to connect with non-Adventists. Global Mission’s Center for South Asian Religions is an example of how the church is using VividFaith as a recruitment tool to create opportunities to meet the needs of South Asian communities around the world:

  1. The Adventist Church in Kenya owns Watamu Adventist Beach Resort, a seaside resort that houses guests in three buildings. The East Kenya Union is giving one of these buildings to Global Mission, which the organization will use to serve and minister to the affluent South Asian community in Kenya. Offering first-class vacation packages that include high-end amenities, rest, health programs, and delicious food, this resort will be a place where Adventists meet specific needs while building new relationships and connections. This project needs more than volunteers; it needs full-time chefs and experts in the hospitality industry, all of whom will be recruited through VividFaith.
  2. Adventist schools in India have a reputation for offering quality education, having waiting lists for enrollment, and producing students who score high in national exams. Since most students in these schools aren’t Christians, the goal of Global Mission is to install school chaplains specifically trained to minister to students and their families. VividFaith will recruit these volunteer frontline missionaries to offer support through family counseling, after-school activities, and connections to private tutors, health-related resources, and more.
  3. Canada has many Sikh communities, several of which are in and around Toronto. While these Sikh families have made Canada their home, they strive to keep a strong connection to their culture and language. However, these communities have lost their fluency in Punjabi because the younger generation mostly speaks English. To connect with the Sikh community in Toronto, Global Mission plans to use VividFaith to recruit teachers who can connect with these communities through Punjabi language classes.

    These are just three examples of creative ways church organizations are using VividFaith. The places and people are different; their needs, unique. But they are all opportunities to connect with non-Adventists—a way for Adventists to serve and share their faith as Jesus did. “There is work for all to do in their own borders, to build up the church, to make the social meetings interesting, and to train the youth of ability to become missionaries.”

  4. The following list provides more examples of how organizations can use VividFaith to advertise and recruit for positions. May they inspire you to create outreach projects of your own.

    Remote teachers for online conversational English classes

    Contract medical professionals in mission clinics

    Student volunteer teachers in mission schools worldwide

    Groups of church members to clean local parks every month

    Assistants for center-of-influence programs (for example, after-school tutoring, cooking classes)

    Job placement opportunities for new graduates in an Adventist university

    Social media coordinators for local churches

    Medical professionals for health camps hosted by an Adventist church and a government health department (such as phlebotomists, dental hygienists, or massage therapists)

    Teachers for technology classes for residents of a senior center (iPhone 101)

    Participants for a mission trip that explores the sights, culture, and Adventist church of a specific area

    Surgeons, dentists, nurses, and other medical personnel to cover services while missionary medical personnel are on annual leave

    Contract translators for resources to be shared with the local community

    Graphic designers to create websites for organizations

    To explore ways your organization can recruit for one of these positions or another position unique to the needs of your community and the people with whom you want to connect, contact VividFaith.3

Fylvia Fowler Kline is the manager of VividFaith.