knew nothing about Jesus or Christianity until my life hit rock bottom in a refugee camp in Thailand. My life there was pointless and frustrating.

One Sunday, I strolled aimlessly around the camp. I walked past a church during a worship service and heard singing. I also saw a few girls standing in front of the building. As a young man, I started looking in their direction. Then, one of the girls walked toward me with a smile and invited me inside. Not wanting to embarrass her by refusing her invitation, I followed her. After the service, she introduced me to her mother, who invited me to their home for lunch.

One Sunday after another, I returned to the church with that family. While they nurtured me with physical food after the worship services, I received spiritual food from attending church regularly. Gradually, my faith increased, and God answered my many prayers. I gave my life to Jesus. Later, I became a Seventh-day Adventist.

Christ’s method starts with simple mingling. I’m convinced of the priority of relationship building as a prerequisite to sharing listener-adapted messaging. Acts of kindness, simple forms of hospitality, ministering with genuine love and care, and time investments in friendships cannot be skipped any more than the walls of university classrooms can go up before a solid foundation is poured.