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Christmas Miracle

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, January 6.

By Andrew McChesney


our-year-old Anurag couldn’t walk. He couldn’t stand. He couldn’t even sit.

Mother didn’t understand what was wrong with her little boy. He had been born a healthy baby boy in Kolkata, India. But then he had grown weak.

Mother went to the doctor for help. She didn’t understand what the doctor said was wrong, but she understood that Anurag needed help. She took him to the hospital for treatments, but they didn’t seem to help.

Mother didn’t know what to do. How could she help her precious boy?

On Christmas Day, Mother and Anurag were at home beside the big Ganga River. Then Mother heard some beautiful music. She wondered where the music was coming from, and she looked out the window. She saw people sitting on the grass near the river and singing. She really liked the music. She had never heard anything like it before. The people were singing about Jesus. “They must be Christians,” Mother thought.

Mother wasn’t a Christian. She wondered if the Christians might be able to help her son.

Mother left the house and walked over to the group. She was carrying her small 4-year-old boy in her arms.

“Please, pray for my son,” Mother said. “Pray that he will be able to sit, stand, and walk.”

The leader of the group was a Global Mission pioneer named Sumanta. Global Mission pioneers are people who share the gospel. Sumanta was an Indian sharing the gospel with other Indians. He had gathered people to the river for a picnic to celebrate Christ on Christmas Day.

He was touched by the Mother’s request for prayer for her boy. “I am nothing. God is everything,” he said to her. “If you know Jesus Christ, then your faith will increase, and your faith will save your son.”

Mother realized that she needed to have faith in the God named Jesus. She had worshiped many gods during her lifetime, but she had never worshiped Jesus.

“If Jesus can heal my son, then I will accept Him,” she said.

The Global Mission pioneer prayed for little Anurag along the big river on that Christmas Day. He also invited Mother to join an online Bible study group that met every day. Mother joined the Bible study group.

One month passed. Two months passed. Three months passed.

Mother faithfully studied the Bible with the group every day at 10 o’clock at night. While little Anurag was sleeping, members of the Bible study group prayed for him and his health. The Global Mission pioneer prayed for him and his health.

When six months had passed, Mother had a big announcement to make to the Bible study group.

“Anurag is able to sit up on his own!” she said.

She was so happy. A smile as bright as the sun filled her face. God was hearing their prayers.

Mother’s faith grew when she saw that Anurag could sit up. She decided that she not only wanted to worship Jesus, but she also wanted to give her heart to Jesus.

On a fine April day, Mother entered the waters of the Ganga River. This was the same river where she had heard the beautiful music about Jesus on Christmas Day. As she went under the water, she gave her heart to Jesus. She no longer wished to worship any other god. There was only one God whom she wanted to worship: Jesus, the God who was helping her son.

After Mother gave her heart to Jesus, Anurag kept on gaining strength. Today, he is 6, and he can sit, stand, and walk like any other 6-year-old boy. Mother is so happy! She is glad to worship Jesus every Sabbath with Sumanta and other people who love Jesus.

“This is one of the greatest miracles that God has done for us,” Sumanta said.

Thank you for your Sabbath School mission offerings that help spread the gospel in India around the world.