"Mama and Papa, I need you to get married,” seven-year-old Sebastian announced to his parents, “and then I need you to get baptized.”

Shocked, Moises and Angelica looked at each other and then at their son. Sebastian’s big, brown eyes radiated the earnest hope that filled his heart. He had given his life to Jesus, and it was important to him that his parents do so too.

Sebastian had learned about Jesus at an urban center of influence in Santiago, Chile, called the Lo Prado Life Hope Center. His parents had learned about the center from Moises' sister, a Seventh-day Adventist who had often talked with them about Christ.

“My sister often talked with us about God,” says Moises, “but we had never made a serious decision to follow Him.” “However, when she invited us to visit the Life Hope Center, we decided to check it out,” adds Angelica.

While Moises and Angelica were touring the center, they saw a sign promoting free soccer classes for children. They knew Sebastian would love to learn to play, so they signed him up for lessons. Sebastian was thrilled. He worked hard at his lessons, and his skills increased quickly.

At this time Moises' mother became very sick. “We were going through a hard time, and we were afraid that we’d lose her,” says Moises. “When we learned that the staff at the center was praying for us, we were deeply touched.”

Soon Moises' mother regained strength. “I knew God had worked in her behalf,” says Moises, “and I knew He was working in my life too. I was grateful for everyone’s prayers, and I began to have an open mind toward Christianity.”

Sebastian wanted to attend Sabbath School at the local church, so every week Angelica would take him there and pick him up when the class was over. One week, when she turned to leave, Sebastian pled with her to stay. “I’ll stay with you next Sabbath,” Angelica assured him. “No, Mama, not another Sabbath,” Sebastian urged. “I need you to stay with me every week for Sabbath School and church.”

Angelica relented, but she wasn’t ready to give her heart to Jesus.

Pastor Abraham Cabezas, who led the center’s ministry, regularly visited Moises and Angelica with his team of One Year in Mission volunteers to pray with them and encourage them.

Moises and Angelica enjoyed these visits, and in time they requested Bible studies. Eventually, the love of Jesus won their hearts.

“We were baptized two weeks ago!” Angelica says with a big smile. “Many things motivated me to take this step, but our son’s pleading with us to get married and baptized was especially compelling.”

“The Life Hope Center has made a big difference in our lives,” says Moises. “If it hadn’t been there, it would be horrible for us because when we weren’t married, we weren’t a stable family. Now we’re a strong family, worshiping regularly and active in the church. Before, we had only ourselves to rely on to solve problems. Now we can work through them with Jesus’ help. The decision to commit our lives to Him has helped us in so many ways, and now we want to bring others to Jesus!”

Sebastian’s face beams as he listens to his parents talk about their new lives. “I asked them to get baptized because I want my whole family to go to the sky with Jesus,” he says. Thanks to your faithful support of Life Hope Centers, Sebastian’s goal of having his family united in Christ has become reality!

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Laurie Falvo Mission 360° editor