Hepsiba works at a dental clinic in Bengaluru, India, across the street from the Adventist Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic. She often refers patients to the Adventist clinic because it was there that she found hope and healing.

Vibrant Life is an Urban Center of Influence (UCI) that offers lifestyle solutions for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Hepsiba came here with many ailments and received massage and hydrotherapy that vastly improved her health.

“After treatment, I could literally feel the pain relieving out of me,” she shares. “It was a great experience. Since then, I have been visiting them very frequently.”

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Hepsiba recommended that her diabetic mother-in-law also seek treatment at Vibrant Life, and Hepsiba saw healing that she never thought possible. “For almost eight to nine years, we have not seen her sugar levels come down to less than 390. We tried all treatments, but they didn’t bring her sugar levels down.”

But after three months of visiting Vibrant Life and receiving counseling, a special diet, and medication, this picture changed dramatically. “Last month,” says Hepsiba, “her sugar levels were 97, which was unbelievable for us.”

Today, many people come to the Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic because of Hepsiba’s enthusiastic referral. “Every day, I’ve referred at least two patients there,” she says.

As heads of the UCI, Drs. Narendra and Daisy Rao teach their patients about the impact of lifestyle choices on their health. The staff put on health expos coupled with screenings and counseling to raise awareness of relevant topics for this community. “There’s a great need for lifestyle interventions in our country,” Dr. Daisy Rao says, “because we have, at present, nearly 70 million people with diabetes, about 30 million with heart disease, and another 30 million who are obese.”

This center of influence attracts many educated and influential individuals from all over the city. Many pick up free health literature and Bibles as they await their investigations or consultations. Here they experience not only physical healing but emotional and spiritual as well.

Your support of Global Mission helps Vibrant Life and other UCIs around the world share Jesus by meeting people’s needs. Please pray for the health ministry work in this large metropolis. Pray that this clinic can become a model for many more in the vast country of India.

Because of the healing she experienced at Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic, Hebsiba often visits as well as refers patients there.
Dr. Narendra Rao, center, and Dr. Daisy Rao, second from left, with their Vibrant Life team.
Patients at Vibrant Life learn the importance of exercise in combating chronic diseases.

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