Look once, and you may think you’re seeing a transportation map from a major city. But look again, and you’ll discover that each transportation line actually represents a world division or region of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The stations on each line represent cities with populations of one million or more people within each division.

This is your invitation to pray for the cities of the world! Pick any division line, and pray down the line, checking off each city as you go. Then pick another. Region by region, day by day, you can pray your way around the world.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide as we seek to carry a message of hope to the unreached people and communities of each city. Pray for missionaries to leave the comfort of home so that people in cities around the world can have the joy of walking with Jesus for eternity.

Consider inviting your Sabbath School class, small group, prayer group, or church to join you in praying for these cities. You can even put this map on your church bulletin board. If you’d like multiple copies, packs of 25 prayer maps are available free of cost at Advent Source; you pay only the shipping. Order at MissionToTheCities.org/resources. If you’d like to order several packs, we ask that you consider helping Mission to the Cities through a donation at MissionToTheCities.org/give.

Your prayers matter! The unreached people and cities of the world matter! Will you join us on this journey?

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Thomas Brinkhoff, “Major Agglomerations of the World,” City Population, last modified Jan. 1, 2018, https://www.citypopulation.de/world/Agglomerations.html.