Altan says that when he arrived, a light showed him the way to the doorway he had seen in his dream. He didn’t know it yet, but he had been led to a Global Mission project. In Altan’s country, it is illegal to approach people to speak of matters of faith. They must come to you and ask. This is why the bookrack stays in the doorway, silently inviting people to take one of the books and ask questions. The light that led him to this place, said Altan, shone on a particular book about the great controversy between Christ and Satan. He took it and read it in three days. Impressed with what he learned, he wished to find more books by the same author. Finding the address of a local church inside the front cover, Altan visited the next Sabbath and met a pastor who gave him more books. The pastor learned that Altan would be returning to London, so he connected him with an Adventist pastor there.

Altan studied the Bible with the pastor in London and became a Seventh-day Adventist. He later returned to his home city, and today, Altan spends a lot of time beside the same bookrack where he picked up his first book, talking to anyone who steps into the doorway like he did.

The good news of the gospel continues to spread, even in places where active evangelism is prohibited. Your participation through prayer and your financial gifts are part of the reason stories like Altan’s take place. And they happen far more often than you or I even realize. Thank you for the part you play!

You’ll find Altan’s story on page four of this magazine.

* Name has been changed.

Jeff Scoggins
Office of Adventist Mission planning director