Editor’s note: The Seventh-day Adventist Church is young in post-communist Mongolia, with a married couple from Adventist Frontier Missions only entering the country of three million people in 1991. The church’s current membership of 2,000 people also is young, and most members are the first in their families to be baptized. This has led to several challenges, including member retention, as illustrated by the story of a 28-year-old Global Mission pioneer in Mongolia’s capital city. Enkhmandakh Bold was baptized as a teen but left the church seven years later. This is his story.

I was a very hard man and judged people. If someone made a mistake, I always let him know what he had done wrong. I wanted him to be punished. I thought that God likes to punish us.

I grew unhappy and eventually decided that believing in God was pointless. Something was broken in my life. I stopped going to church. I stopped keeping the Sabbath. My wife was sad, and she prayed for me.

In the back of my mind, I lived in dread of punishment from God. I thought that God had blessed me for seven years and now was going to punish me for turning my back on Him.

A year passed, and nothing happened. Instead of punishing me, God loved me and blessed me more than before. I got a well-paying job as an editor with a Mongolian television channel.

Enkhmandakh Bold leaving the apartment building where he leads a house-church in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Enkhmandakh Bold and his wife, Lhagvasuren Enkhtaivan, standing in their house-church.

This shocked me. My thoughts returned to God, and I wondered, What is the point of life if all I do is earn money and spend it? The only person who’s benefiting is the television channel’s owner, who is getting richer. What’s the best job that I could have?

After much thought, I concluded that the best job would be a missionary. I rededicated my heart to Jesus, returned to church, and prayed, “If You want me to be a missionary, I’m ready to go.”

After several months, the leaders of the Adventist Church in Mongolia offered me the position of a Global Mission pioneer. I would take over a dying house-church on the first floor of an apartment building in Mongolia’s capital and teach English at a nearby public high school. My wife would oversee the children’s Sabbath School and teach Chinese. I prayed for a week before quitting my television job to become a full-time missionary. I’ve only been a pioneer for six months so far, and I love it! There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a life change through God’s power.

A Cheating Husband

Global Mission

The Global Mission program was established by the 1990 General Conference Session to reach the unreached people groups of the world.

If you would like to support Global Mission, be assured that every dollar will go directly to the front lines of mission, reaching people who are still waiting to hear about Jesus.

Global Mission Pioneers

>plant churches in areas or among people groups where there’s no Adventist presence;

>are usually local people who already speak the language and understand the culture, enabling them to contextualize the gospel message for a lasting effect;

>receive a basic stipend, making them more affordable than traditional missionaries; and

>share the good news of Jesus through wholistic ministry, such as providing medical care, teaching agricultural skills, offering literacy programs, holding evangelistic meetings, and giving Bible studies.

In the past five years, pioneers have supported 5,281 church planting projects in 104 countries. Their ministry wouldn’t be possible without your donations and prayers. Thank you for your support!

On the first Sabbath, a former member who hadn’t attended in three years showed up for Sabbath School. I didn’t know him, and he didn’t know me. I tried to connect with him, and I encouraged him to return the next Sabbath. He didn’t seem happy about the invitation. 

I found out why when he called me during the week and said he wanted to talk. I went to his workplace and learned from him that he was cheating on his wife. He said his wife had found out and wanted a divorce. 

“What should I do?” he asked.

“What do you want to do?” I replied.

He didn’t know. 

I advised him to ask for God’s forgiveness and to stop cheating on his wife. I said, “Tell your wife the truth and then promise her, ‘From now on, I’ll be a man of God. I’ll be faithful to you.’”

We prayed together, and I left.

A week later, the man told me that he had ended the affair by announcing to the other woman that he had recommitted his life to Christ. He also told the truth to his wife and, fortunately, she had forgiven him.

Today, the man comes to church every Sabbath and is an active church member.

I’m not an emotional person, but I become so happy when I see God’s love transforming lives. I can’t express this feeling with words. I want everyone to know about God’s love, and that’s why I’m a Global Mission pioneer. Being a pioneer is the best job in the world!

Story by Enkhmandakh Bold as told to Andrew McChesney, Office of Adentist Mission.