Welcome to Lagos, the second-most-populated city on the African continent. This sprawling metropolis has been called Africa’s hub of creativity, fashion, and business. Here, Global Mission pioneers are paving the way for God to work wonders in people’s lives.


Adiele and his Global Mission teammate, Nathaniel, are reaching out to Lagos’ businesspeople. “We’ve learned that different methods are needed to reach different people groups,” he says. “The executives in Lagos are interested in a healthy lifestyle that can help them thrive in their careers and personal lives.”

Adiele and Nathaniel worked with their Global Mission director, Durodola, and the Lagos Atlantic Conference staff to create a seminar called Healthy Executive. The program offers attendees the opportunity to interact with renowned health and medical professionals to find solutions to their individual health concerns.


“Lagos’ executives are busy and hard to access,” Nathaniel says. “We try to visit them at their estates, but they seldom welcome us, so we leave a brochure inviting them to the Healthy Executive seminar.”

Many of the professionals who attend the seminar invite their family and friends to join them. Some have even asked the pioneers to visit them in their homes. “This has given us an opportunity to pray with them and share some of Ellen White’s books on physical and spiritual well-being,” Nathaniel adds.

When the health seminar is over, the pioneers invite their new friends to a series of meetings about Jesus.

The pioneers also reach busy professionals through a Bible study website they’ve created. They have staff members on hand to chat with people and answer questions.

“You've helped us reach many people for Christ," says Nathaniel, "but there are still so many in this city who don't know Him. Thank you for supporting our ministry, and please help us do more!”

Francis often shares Jesus with people on their way home from work.


Francis is planting churches in an area of Lagos where many people are physically disadvantaged and unemployed.

There was no Adventist presence in the area when Francis began his work. “I visited people in their homes to talk and pray with them and offered Bible studies to anyone who expressed an interest,” he says. “Then, we held a series of evangelistic meetings and several people were baptized.” Francis planted a church that now has 25 members and just keeps growing!

He is involved in a health empowerment program that offers vision tests, glasses, and other medical services at no cost. “The people love our church for doing this and ask about our beliefs,” Francis says. “I’ve had many opportunities to talk with them about my faith and share Adventist materials with them.”

Francis is also working with a team from the Lagos Atlantic Conference to create empowerment programs to equip the unemployed with job skills.

Okonkwo (left) and Francis often read the Bible and pray together.


Okonkwo recently gave his heart to Jesus and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “I did this because Francis spent one-on-one time with me, helping me understand the Bible,” he says.

“I’m busy, and I don’t have much time to study at home, so he walked beside me on my way to and from work, preaching the Word with every step.

“I’ve had some real challenges in my life,” Okonkwo adds, “so I really appreciate that Francis prayed with me and my family and continually encouraged us. Our lives are improving small small (little by little), and I’m very happy now!”


Durodola is the Global Mission director for the Lagos Atlantic Conference. “There are so many parts of Lagos where people don’t know Jesus,” he says. “Less than two percent of Lagosians have been reached with the three angels’ messages. We need many more pioneers to work in this big city.

“I want to thank you for supporting our Global Mission ministry. You’ve made an incredible difference in the lives of many people. Please continue to help us, so that we can minister to many more people and share the good news of Christ’s love and soon return.”

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Global Mission Pioneers

-plant churches in areas or among people groups where there’s no Adventist presence;

-are usually local people who already speak the language and understand the culture, enabling them to contextualize the gospel message for a lasting effect;

-receive a basic stipend, making them more affordable than traditional missionaries; and

-share the good news of Jesus through wholistic ministry, such as providing medical care, teaching agricultural skills, offering literacy programs, holding -evangelistic meetings, and giving Bible studies.

-In the past five years, pioneers have supported 5,281 church planting projects in 104 countries. Their ministry wouldn’t be possible without your donations and prayers. Thank you!

If you would like to support Global Mission, be assured that every dollar will go directly to the front lines of mission, reaching people who are still waiting to hear about Jesus.

Laurie Falvo
Laurie Falvo serves as the editor of Mission 360° for the Office of Adventist Mission at the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters.