In 2012, Yang Jun (Jessica) nervously began producing her first radio program in Hong Kong. She designed the series specifically for female listeners and called it Spiritual Beauty (Xin Ling Li Ren in Mandarin). The program currently airs twice a week on shortwave radio in China and is available online. Adventist World Radio (AWR) recently talked with Jessica about Spiritual Beauty and in the process discovered much more about this committed young woman behind the microphone.

AWR: Jessica, why are you dedicated to working in radio?

Jessica: I think that God made the decision for me. Several years ago, I was planning to become a teacher. While I was earning my master’s degree in education, I volunteered part-time in the media center at the Chinese Union Mission. That gave me the opportunity to see the process of recording radio programs, and I found it fascinating. I also realized that this ministry has tremendous possibilities for sharing Christ’s love.

When the director of the media center invited me to join the team as a producer, I really wanted to say yes. But I had no training and didn’t feel qualified. I decided to pray and let God lead me.

After I completed my degree, I received a call from the director. She proposed that I work in the media center for three months and then decide whether I wanted to continue. I eagerly accepted her offer, and I love my work as a producer! I’ve grown closer to God, and I feel that He guides me every day as I seek to share His Word.

This job also provides me with a channel to connect with people whom I’d likely never meet. They aren’t only my listeners, they’ve become my friends. They share their joys and sorrows with me in letters and e-mails, and ask for prayer. To be honest, I’m not good at talking with others face to face, especially strangers. But through the radio I can talk to many people and feel close to them.

AWR: Why did you decide to start a program specifically for female listeners?

Jessica: When I took several psychology courses, I was fascinated by the differences between men and women. I really wanted to know more about myself as a female and figure out my purpose in life. I believe other women have the same interest, not just young girls but also married women who need to find their own value in their families and workplaces.

When I got the chance to produce my first radio program, I chose this subject immediately. In fact, I’m the main beneficiary! I’ve grown along with the program.

AWR: What are your goals for Spiritual Beauty?

Jessica: To help my listeners discover the rich value and meaning of a woman’s life. I’m on a journey to learn these things myself, but I hope that I’ve given my listeners some ideas for discovering their own God-given value.

Each episode features the story of a woman in the Bible and raises questions that relate to the story, such as: What kind of personality does she have? What problems does she encounter? Do you struggle with any of the same issues? What solutions can we find in Scripture?

AWR: How did you come up with ideas for topics?

Jessica: Mostly from reading Bible stories. I read each story many times and analyze each character. And, before I jump into the story, I pray for God’s guidance and inspiration.

Another great source for content is my friends and listeners. They share their experiences and thoughts with me and invite me to share them with others. I also glean books, magazines, and the Internet for things that I think will enrich women’s lives and their relationship with God. I even offer health and beauty tips.

AWR: What response have you gotten from listeners?

Jessica: Because this was my first program, I didn’t have any training in production and hosting. What I had was faith in God and a group of enthusiastic colleagues. After the program went on the air, I was very nervous. I didn’t know how many people would listen or how they would feel about it.

Several weeks passed, and I got the first letter from one of my listeners. She said, “I’m inspired by your program. It helps me to know more about the women mentioned in the Bible and realize the precious value of being a Christian.” This letter gave me a lot of encouragement.

One letter in particular that I received touched me deeply. In it, one woman shared, “When I listen to Spiritual Beauty, I feel like a best friend is talking to me, like a sweet and clear spring in my heart.”

I’m so grateful to think that God has used me to bless someone else’s life.

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Shelley Nolan Freesland
Shelley Nolan Freesland is the communication director for Adventist World Radio at the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters.