Ten years ago, the average price of gas was US$2.60, Adventist Church membership was nearing 15 million, and the first Adventist Mission (AM) DVD was sent to churches across North America to help connect members with the people and places of mission.

Today, the AM DVD is known as Mission Spotlight®, named after the programs produced by Oscar Heinrich and his family for many years. Until now, free copies of the DVD have been sent to every church in the North American Division each quarter. But starting next year, churches that want to continue receiving the DVD in the mail will be encouraged to sign up.

“The Mission Spotlight videos are available for download online at AdventistMission.org/videos,” according to Ricky Oliveras, Mission Spotlight producer. “The online videos are HD, a higher quality than it’s possible to put on a DVD. Many churches are downloading or streaming the videos, but we recognize that some will still want to receive a DVD. Therefore, we will continue to send DVDs to those who request them.”

The new Mission Spotlight features two sets of videos:

Weekly videos, usually 3–5 minutes—to show one short video each week.

Monthly videos, usually 8–10 minutes—to show one longer video each month.

“The videos are great to use in Sabbath school, just before the church service, for prayer meetings, and even in schools,” says Oliveras. “People can sign up at MissionSpotlight.com/subscription if they want to continue getting the DVD, or they can choose a new option, an email with links to the online videos.”

Adventist Mission also produces the Mission 360° TV program, shown on the Hope Channel, and Global Mission Snapshots, shown on 3ABN. These videos may also be viewed or downloaded at AdventistMission.org/videos.

Rick Kajiura
Rick Kajiura is the communication director for the Office of Adventist Mission at the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters.