If you’ve ever been inspired by a story on the Adventist Mission DVD, you’ve witnessed the creative talents of our former video producer Dan Weber and our current video producers, Ricky Oliveras and Earley Simon.

We asked Ricky and Earley to pick 10 video stories that were popular with our viewers.

1The Little Church Planter—Brazil (3:49)

Ten-year-old Vitoria stole people’s hearts as they watched her brave the Amazon River in a small canoe to share her faith with her young friends. Vitoria says she uses a canoe because she’s too small to handle a bigger boat, but she’s still able to pick up friends and bring them to her Bible study group.

2A Cowboy’s Tale—Argentina (2:36)

In northwest Argentina, Manuel Ledesma has been working and living on the same farm for 87 years. He and his wife started a small church on their property with 20 members. Each week, Manuel and his grandson visit the church to prepare it for Sabbath. 

3Another Communion—China (4:47)

In a leper colony in China, Adventist volunteers are literally touching the lives of people. Their hands-on approach is giving the villagers a glimpse into what it means to love like Jesus.

4The Trumpet Family—The Democratic Republic of the Congo (3:08)

In the heart of the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an Adventist family has come up with a unique way to get their neighbors’ attention. Homemade trumpets and vibrant music attract swarms of people to their street. It’s a great way to share the gospel message in the busy city! 

5A Daily Mission—Southeast Asia (5:33)

Helen Hall is the longest-serving volunteer in the Adventist Church. We found her commitment to sharing Jesus with the students and faculty of her rural school very humbling. Her life is a perfect lesson in service. 

6Called to Fly—Indonesia (3:49)

We took to the sky for a journey in Indonesia with Capitan Bob Roberts. His work and his life were a blessing to countless lives around the world. He served with great skill and willingness to share Jesus’ love with everyone around him. 

7Devotion in New Delhi—India (4:03)

Global Mission pioneers are some of the hardest working people on earth. In this story, we share a glimpse into the life of Kamala, a Global Mission pioneer in India. The effect she’s had on her community is astounding!

8Goats and Friends—Portual (2:11)

An immigrant family moves to a small village in Portugal. They look foreign and don’t speak the language. But through acts of kindness, they quickly make friends and even lead someone to Jesus.

9A Pioneer’s Heart—Botswana (4:20)

There is something unique about Global Mission pioneers. Why do they care so much about the people they serve? Meet a creative pioneer who used oranges to pave the way towards new friendships.

10Waterproof Faith—Brazil (4:20)

Pastor Vini takes his faith and his waterproof Bible to the beach, where he shares with surfers how an intimate God created the sea and the waves for their enjoyment.

Ricky Oliveras
Ricky Oliveras visits a mission school in Thailand.
Earley Simon
Earley Simon on assignment in Prague, Czech Republic.