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Picture Story: Middle East

Millions of Syrian and Iraqi refugees are scattered across the world. Having escaped war zones, these people still struggle to survive. They are rarely permitted to work and have limited access to essentials such as food, drinking water, and medical care. 

A Global Mission pioneer in the Middle East has taken to heart Jesus’ call to care for “the least of these” and works hard to offer practical support and encouragement to refugee women. She has invested in them, building relationships of mutual love and respect. She often helps them with paperwork and warmly invites them to her home; she says that providing an informal atmosphere “gives them a chance to be open on a spiritual level.” 

One refugee woman will soon move to Canada, and she asked the pioneer if there were Canadian Adventists and if she could visit a church there. “You all are just so loving, and you don’t expect anything back from it!” the refugee woman said. “When I get there, I really want to find some Adventists because you are good people.” 

We praise God for what He’s doing in the Middle East. Please pray for this pioneer as she continues ministering to the refugee families.