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Picture Story: Spain

Taida is a Global Mission pioneer in Spain with a unique background—both of her parents are deaf. God touched her heart and inspired her to reach the deaf community for Him.

One day, a young woman who was deaf came to church. Without interpreters or resources, she didn’t expect much. Still, God had a plan and He used Taida to make a difference that day. She told the young woman, “Your life is going to change, because I am here to fight for you.”

Taida started teaching church members sign language, and now this deaf young woman has found friends there. Each week, she wants to go to church and participate in the activities. “This is the young woman who was so sad when I met her, and today she smiles,” Taida says with her own smile.

She teaches sign language to Adventist laypeople across Spain to help churches minister to this group. They are working on a church plant for the deaf as well. Please pray for Taida and others like her as they reach out to the deaf community in Spain.