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Brave Hearts


December 15, 2014

Georgia began to visit the Biswas women, teaching them English from the Bible once a week. Soon all but Nanibala lost interest, but to Georgia’s delight, she could see the Word of God taking root in the young girl’s heart.

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Hunger Is a Wicked Thing


December 14, 2014

Since coming to the Good Samaritan Inn, Joy and her two children feel much better. “There’s great food here, and we’re very grateful for it. We always look forward to coming here.”

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A Safe Place to Learn


December 13, 2014

Five-year-old Kenisha didn’t know what it was like not to be afraid. Ever since she could remember, people were firing guns on the street where she lived in Trench Town.

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Something Magnificent


December 7, 2014

The shiny BMW slowly driving through the slums of Kingston, Jamaica looked strangely out of place on the crowded, dirty roads.

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One Too Many Students


December 6, 2014

Every morning Rolandito greeted his teacher with a smile. As Miss Gonzalez watched him, she realized that he was different from the other children. He was so good, so obedient, so kind.

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Trench Town Teacher


November 30, 2014

“Trench Town is very scary,” says Robert Taylor, a police sergeant who has worked in this area of Kingston for more than 20 years.

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The Bar That Became a Church


November 23, 2014

Victor was the owner of the local bar and dance hall in Cotton Tree. After his decision to follow Jesus, Victor closed his business, but he didn’t close his influence in Cotton Tree!

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Curb Appeal


November 18, 2014

There’s no doubt that the Happy Hand secondhand store has curb appeal. But beautiful décor and high-quality merchandise aren’t the only draw for shoppers on this busy street in Copenhagen.

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In What Do You Believe?


November 16, 2014

When I was 27 years old, God changed my life. I was an alcoholic, took acid, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, and was out on the streets. But then the Lord stepped in.

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Divine Appointment

Dominican Republic

November 15, 2014

As we rode back to our friend’s home, I remembered that I hadn’t wanted to include a stranger in our plans for that day. But I know now that meeting José was God’s plan—a divine appointment, Dad would call it.

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