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The Little Missionary

January 25, 2014

“Father says I’m a missionary,” Theodore says, “because I invited Amos to come to Jesus. You can be a missionary too,” he adds. “Just tell your friends about Jesus and invite them to come to church with you.”

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Experiencing God

January 23, 2014

I love a good preacher, and I’ve been inspired by many over the years, but I take them and what they do for granted. Each week I expect the preacher to...well...preach, without any thought as to what it has taken him to create something rousing, inspiring, challenging and heartfelt – a personal message to me from God.

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Sharing God with the World

January 22, 2014

As the taxi sputtered, choked, and died, we rolled to a stop on our way up the hill towards the school.

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Air-conditioned Evangelist

January 18, 2014

What kind of people won’t work on Saturdays, he wondered. They are lazy people! Jobs are hard enough to find. How do they expect to make a living if they won’t work on Saturdays?

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Patricia's Prayer

January 18, 2014

When Patricia’s mother died, Patricia went to live with her grandmother. Her father couldn’t pay her tuition at the Adventist school, so he sent Patricia to the public school near their home.

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Letting God Lead

January 14, 2014

I am sure God leads each one of us in His special way, and very often, in the present moment, we can hardly understand why certain things happen.

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Niger's Children

January 11, 2014

How do you reach a country for Christ when almost no one in that country is a Christian and it is not legal to tell someone about Jesus? That is when Christians must seek ways to find spiritually hungry people.

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The Dangerous Journey

January 11, 2014

The children walk silently and single file toward their school more than a mile away. They can’t talk because it’s too noisy to hear one another over the roaring traffic that passes just inches from them.

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God's Perspective

January 9, 2014

From a human perspective, the world, and even our lives, often seem to be random and unpredictable, but God is ultimately in control.

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My Journey to the Island of Woja

January 7, 2014

Before I embarked on my journey, I had heard a lot about the adventures of volunteering, and I felt that it was an honor to be able to serve on Woja.

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