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Saved Through Prayer


November 8, 2014

Ariel’s mother says that because of her son’s experience, she really sees “the power of intercessory prayer. I think that’s the reason why he’s here today.”

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The View From Thelma's Rocking Chair


November 3, 2014

I had been searching for peace and purpose in large areas and big plans, and here I had found what I needed in a little yard in the Philippines.

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So Much to Share


November 2, 2014

Tyson and his older brother lived with their parents in Belize City. Both brothers were very involved in sports and other activities at their high school.

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No Fighting Here


November 1, 2014

Right away Deryn noticed that his new school was different. “There’s no fighting here,” he says. “I never really learned much at my old school, and when I came to this school I had to repeat the same grade again, but then I started to learn, and I passed my classes.

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Finding My Voice


October 27, 2014

Out of more than 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar, the Shan are the largest group. Their traditional beliefs and culture are very strong, and for many decades Christian missionaries were unable to share Jesus’ love with them.

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The Throwaway Baby, Part 2


October 26, 2014

I found that the closer you get to Jesus, the more He opens your spiritual understanding to the spiritual warfare that’s going on all around us.

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Just One Day


October 25, 2014

When Olga was old enough to go to school, she wanted to attend an Adventist school, but there wasn’t one nearby, so her parents sent her to another Christian school.

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Hungry for a Bible


October 20, 2014

Tatiana* was desperate. With her husband gone, she wasn’t sure how she and her three-year-old son, Vladimir, would survive. The little money she earned at a local café was barely enough to feed them.

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The Throwaway Baby, Part 1


October 19, 2014

“Where is my baby?” the mother kept asking, but the answer was always the same: “You had an undeveloped fetus.” But the mother wasn’t convinced.

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God's Miracle Baby


October 18, 2014

“My mother, whom I love so much, always reminds me: ‘Never forget that you belong to God. He preserved you, and you are here to bring Him glory.’”

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