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Water of Life

Weekly Mission StoryMyanmar

October 7, 2018

Small act of kindness paves the way for the opening of an Adventist school in a hostile village in Myanmar.

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Knowing the Right People

Weekly Mission StoryMyanmar

September 30, 2018

Connections are essential in Myanmar. It’s who you know that counts in this Southeast Asian country.

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In It for the Long "Hall"

M360˚ MagazineMyanmar

July 23, 2018

Honoring the church’s longest serving, oldest active volunteer

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Picture Story: Myanmar


November 17, 2016

Global Mission pioneer Larpwe's simple approach remains steady: help people, befriend them, and then tell them about Jesus.

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Finding My Voice


October 27, 2014

Out of more than 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar, the Shan are the largest group. Their traditional beliefs and culture are very strong, and for many decades Christian missionaries were unable to share Jesus’ love with them.

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