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A Story to Tell

Weekly Mission Story - KidsItaly

February 23, 2020

“I look for chances to tell people about what God did for me,” Manuel said.

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From Village to Palace

Weekly Mission StoryItaly

February 2, 2020

“If you go, don’t come back,” said Father, an impoverished World War II veteran who strictly raised five children.

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Stoned in Sicily

Weekly Mission StoryItaly

January 26, 2020

“Come and listen so you can learn how to share Jesus.”

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Giuseppe Finds God


October 15, 2016

"I’ve learned many things from Pathfinders. The Pathfinders help not just with knowledge; they help to form your morals, help you to grow up, and you come in contact with God."

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Marika's Mission


October 8, 2016

Marika is very happy to share her love for Jesus with others and says, “I wish I could do more for God.”

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Rachele's Prayers


October 1, 2016

“Thank you that Rachele is friendly to Alessandro and is helping him,” his mother said. “We have found peace.”

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