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Jacob's Story, Part 2


June 21, 2014

During the school year the time I spent reading the Bible had showed me that God is a very personal God. I didn’t understand some classes, but after I prayed about it, God showed me how to understand it.

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Jacob's Story, Part 1


June 14, 2014

My dad decided to take notes on the man’s lecture and disprove the man’s theology. But as he studied the texts the man had given, Dad realized that he was wrong and the speaker was right.

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Friends Take a Stand


June 7, 2014

When the topic of the Sabbath came up, Sonneo sighed. It seemed to him that these Adventists were stuck on an unimportant Old Testament teaching that had no relevance after Jesus’ time on earth and the New Testament.

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From High Priest to Global Mission Pioneer


May 31, 2014

As a high priest I knew Christianity existed, but knew nothing about what they believed. There were a few Christians in our village, but I paid no attention. I had my gods, and didn’t need another one!

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