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Making a New Friend

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, May 21.

By Andrew McChesney


ore than anything, Alexandra wanted to go over to Abigail’s house. Abigail invited other girls from school to her house on weekends. They went to church on Sabbaths and participated in Adventurers on Sundays. Alexandra didn’t have many friends, and she wanted to be friends with Abigail. But she didn’t say anything to anyone.

Until one day.

Abigail had a big party for her sixth birthday, and she invited her friends to eat birthday cake and play birthday games all day at her house. When Alexandra heard about the party, she confided to Mother that she really wished Abigail would invite her over someday. She wanted Abigail to be her friend.

The next day, Mother was talking with some mothers at school while waiting for Alexandra to finish her classes when she saw Abigail’s mother. “My daughter really would like to visit your house someday,” she said. “She wants to be friends with Abigail.”

“No problem!” Abigail’s mother said.

The two mothers agreed on a weekend when Alexandra could visit.

Alexandra was thrilled about spending the whole weekend with Abigail. On Sabbath, the two girls went to church together, and Abigail introduced Alexandra to her Friend Jesus. On Sunday, they went to Adventurers together, and Alexandra learned more about Jesus.

“Did you like Adventurers?” Abigail’s mother asked afterward.

“Yes!” Alexandra exclaimed.

“Would you like to go to Adventurers again?” Abigail’s mother asked.

“Yes!” Alexandra exclaimed.

On Sunday evening, Mother and Father picked up Alexandra to take her home. On the way, she told her parents about church, Adventurers, and Jesus.

Near the end of the school year, Grandmother fell ill, and Mother asked Abigail’s mother if Alexandra could stay over at her house until Grandmother got better. Abigail’s mother agreed, and Alexandra moved in with Abigail.

When vacation began, Alexandra asked to stay with Abigail every weekend. Abigail’s mother said Alexandra was welcome anytime. Mother was pleased, but she had a request. She wanted to see what Abigail did at church and with the Adventurers. “Maybe we could spend a Sabbath together,” she said.

Abigail’s mother liked the idea. “I know the perfect Sabbath,” she said. She invited Mother and Father to come to church to watch Alexandra’s induction into Adventurers.

It was a wonderful Sabbath. Alexandra was especially happy. Not only did she join the Adventurers, but she also got to spend special time with her best friends in the whole world: Mother, Father, Abigail, and Jesus.

Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help open an Adventist school in Alexandra’s hometown of Luanda, Angola, so other children can learn about her best friend, Jesus. Thank you for planning a generous offering.