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Bald and Scared

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, January 1.

By Andrew McChesney


hip was a beautiful girl with long black hair in Laos. She didn’t know Jesus, and she didn’t care.

At school, she became friends with a girl who spoke often about Jesus. The girl was a Seventh-day Adventist.

“Jesus created all things, including you,” the girl said. “He lives in heaven.”

Thip didn’t really understand what her friend was saying. She honored an image of stone at a temple, and she wasn’t interested in hearing about Jesus.

Then Thip fell ill. It was a strange sickness. Everything was fine during the day, but when the sun went down and the sky grew dark, she began to hurt herself. She hit herself with her hands all night. She didn’t stop until the sun rose in the morning. Then she acted like normal.

Father and Mother were worried. Thip wasn’t sleeping at night, and she had cuts and bruises all over her body. They took her to a witch doctor, but he couldn’t do anything. They took her to a fortuneteller, but she couldn’t help. Thip visited many witch doctors and fortunetellers, but no one could heal her. Father and Mother spent a lot of money, selling a car and other valuables, but Thip grew worse. When the sun went down and the sky grew dark, she hit herself all night. When the sun rose in the morning, she returned to normal.

Father and Mother decided that their only hope was the stone image at the temple. They shaved off Thip’s hair and left her at the temple. Thip was bald and scared. She worked hard to memorize the teachings of the stone image, hoping that it would save her. But nothing changed.

One day, Thip remembered her friend who had told her about Jesus. She sent a text message to her friend about her sad situation. The friend wrote a prayer and sent it back. Thip had never prayed to Jesus. But when she read the texted prayer, she gathered all her courage and prayed for the first time in her life. It was evening. The sun was going down, and the sky was growing dark.

“Help me, Jesus,” Thip pleaded. “Please come into my life and save me.”

That night, when the sun went down and the sky grew dark, Thip didn’t hit herself. She slept for the first time in months. When the sun rose in the morning, she woke up feeling like a new person. She never again had trouble from evil spirits.

Father and Mother were amazed at Thip’s healing, and they asked what had happened. She told them about Jesus. Father and Mother called an Adventist pastor and asked him to teach Thip more about Jesus. Thip was happy. Now she wanted to know more about Jesus.

Not long ago, Thip gave her heart to Jesus and was baptized. She knows Jesus has made her beautiful inside and out. Jesus has given her a new heart, and she wants to live with Him forever.

Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help open a school in Laos where more children can learn about the Jesus who created all things, including children. Thank you for planning a generous Thirteenth Sabbath Offering.