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Lisa, 8

God Hears My Prayers

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, October 23.

By Lisa


live in a loving Christian family in Taiwan. My father is a pastor, and my mother is a pastor’s wife. I have two little brothers, and we live with my grandparents.

I want to tell you how God answers my prayers.

When I was in the first grade, the school organized a special sports day. This was my first school sports day, and I really wanted to participate in the running and jumping activities. But I go to a public school, and the sports day was on the Sabbath. I prayed to God.

“Dear God,” I said, “please do something to I can participate in school sports day.”

I told Mother that I wanted to run and jump with the other children on sports day.

“Don’t worry,” Mother said. “God will find a way to make you happy.”

The next day, Mother and Grandmother took me on a picnic. We had so much fun eating outside, and I was so happy.

“Look,” Mother said. “God has found a way to make you happy.”

I laughed with joy. Mother was right. God had found a way to make me happy.

Then God answered my prayer. This year the school sports day was held on a Friday, and I was so happy that I could run and jump with the other children. God listened to my prayers and answered them.

God answers many kinds of prayers. Every time I take a test at school, I close my eyes and pray before I start. I ask God for help.

“Dear God,” I say, “please help me with this test. Please help me to be calm and to focus.”

I pray because I want to make God happy by getting good grades. God listens to my prayers, and I am able to glorify His name with good grades. My parents and I are so grateful to God!

I was so sad when Grandmother passed away. She did many nice things for me. My family is Rukai, an indigenous people group in Taiwan, and Grandmother wove a traditional Rukai backpack for me. It looks beautiful on my back, especially when I dress up in traditional Rukai clothing.

I liked to help Grandmother. She leaned on my arm for support as she prepared dinner in the kitchen. My brothers and I sang her favorite songs to her. She gave us big hugs to show us that she was pleased.

When Grandmother fell ill, I went to her bedroom first thing after school and asked whether she needed warm water to drink. I liked to bring her whatever she asked for. I sat next to her bed and prayed for her not to be in pain.

I was so sad when Grandmother died. I prayed to God for comfort and strength, and He answered me. I realized that I should not lose hope and that Grandmother had just fallen asleep. I will meet her again when Jesus comes.

I pray that God will always protect me and my family. And He will. He always answers my prayers!

While Lisa loves God, many people who belong to her Rukai people group do not know about Him. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help spread the gospel to the Rukai and other native people groups in Taiwan. Thank you for planning a generous offering.