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Andrew Seth, 14

Taking a Visitor to Church

“Mrs. Gini,” he said. “Since Mr. Gini is not here, would you care to be my visitor today?”

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, Sept. 21.

By Samson Obedi, personal ministries and Sabbath School director, Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission, Papua New Guinea. Andrew is his cousin.


eacher made a big announcement to the children’s Sabbath School class in a church in Wankun, Papua New Guinea.

“Next week, we are going to have visitors day,” she said. “I’d like each of you to bring a visitor."

Four-year-old Andrew Seth listened attentively as Teacher spoke. He wondered, “Who am I going to bring to Sabbath School next week?”

Walking home after church, he remembered a friend of his father named Mr. Samuel Gini. Both his father and Mr. Gini worked as teachers at the same school. Andrew thought, “I could ask him to be my visitor on Sabbath. That would be great!”

Early Sunday morning, Andrew went to Mr. Gini’s house and knocked on the door. Mr. Gini came out and saw Andrew.

“Hi Andrew,” he said. “It is early in the morning. How can I help you?”

“I went to Sabbath School, and my teacher told me that we are having visitors day next Sabbath,” Andrew said. “She told us to bring a visitor, and I thought of you. So, I am here to ask you if you can be my visitor on Sabbath.”

Mr. Gini, who went to church on Sundays, thought for a moment and replied, “Andrew, I’ll think about it.”

Seeing Andrew’s disappointed face, he quickly added, “It’s OK. I’ll be your visitor on Sabbath.”

Andrew went home and told his parents. Mother was really excited and said, “We’ll prepare lunch for Mr. Gini and his wife after the worship service.”

Every morning during family worship that week, Andrew prayed for Mr. Gini and his wife.

Sabbath arrived, and Andrew was the first to wake up and get dressed in his church clothes. He had nothing to give to his special visitor, so he picked a flower to present as a gift. Andrew hurried to Mr. Gini’s house with the flower. Hiding the flower behind his back, he knocked on the door and called out, “Mr. Gini!”

He heard the door open and saw someone coming out. It wasn’t Mr. Gini. It was his wife.

“Andrew, how can I help you?” she said.

“I am here for Mr. Gini,” said Andrew. “I told him that he would be my visitor in Sabbath School class today.”

Mrs. Gini was surprised, and she said, “He didn’t tell me about that. He left for his village yesterday.”

Andrew felt sad. Then a thought sprang into his mind. “Mrs. Gini,” he said. “Since Mr. Gini is not here, would you care to be my visitor today?”

Now Mrs. Gini was very surprised. But she wanted to honor Mr. Gini’s promise.

“Give me a minute,” she said. “I’ll get myself ready and come to church as your special visitor.”

When she came out, Andrew gave her the flower. Then he took her hand and led her to church. After Sabbath School, she stayed for the sermon and went to Andrew’s home for lunch.

After that, Mrs. Gini came to church every Sabbath. She learned that the Bible teaches that the seventh day, Saturday, is the true Sabbath. After a few months of studying the Bible, she was baptized. Mr. Gini joined her afterward and also became a member of the church.

Thank you for your Thirteenth Sabbath Offering three years ago that helped build Sabbath School classrooms for children like Andrew — and visitors like Mrs. Gini — in Papua New Guinea.

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