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Sunita Hegde, a mother of three, was raised in a Sunday-keeping home and married a non-Christian husband. (Andrew McChesney / Adventist Mission)

God’s Gushing Well

When Sunita has a special prayer request, she takes it to God at church.

To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, Aug. 26. Click here for photos to share while telling the mission story.

Sunita [pronounced: soo-NEE-tah] is a farmer’s wife. She is an Adventist Christian and loves to worship in the Adventist church in her village. But most Sabbaths she spends the day quietly worshipping at home because she doesn’t want to anger her husband, who is not a Christian.

But when Sunita has a special prayer request, she takes it to God at church. Last year Sunita went to church and prayed for a well.

Praying for a Miracle

Times were tough on the family’s farm. There had not been enough rain, and the two wells on the farm were nearly dry. The farm crops desperately needed water, which meant they needed to dig another well. Usually when a well needed to be dug, a well driller would have to drill several holes in different places to find water. But Sunita and her husband had only enough money to pay the driller to dig one hole.

Sunita’s husband wanted to perform a Hindu ritual in the field to find water. He believed that this was the only way to locate water.

But Sunita pleaded with him to not perform the ritual. She told him that God could help them find water without any ritual.

Then Sunita went to church to ask God for a miracle.

She asked that water would be found quickly when the hired well digger drilled a new bore hole.

The pastor and the other church members prayed with Sunita. They thanked God for Sunita’s faithfulness, and they asked for God’s help in finding water. They prayed that Sunita’s husband would see that God cares for His children and provides all their needs.

The Well Digger

The next day the well digger arrived at the farm. The pastor and the church members also came.

No one knew where to dig, and Sunita told those gathered that the family had only enough money to drill down to 150 feet [45 meters]. Once more the pastor prayed for guidance.

Then the church members walked across the farm and selected a random spot to dig. The pastor prayed, “Lord, bless this land, and may it yield sufficient water to meet the needs of Your children.”

Then the well digger got to work.


He drilled to 50 feet. No sign of water.


He reached 100 feet. Still no water.


He hit 150 feet. He stopped drilling and went over to Sunita and her husband.

“I’m at 150 feet,” he said. “It will cost more money if you want me to keep digging.”

The church members prayed again. Then they pleaded with the well digger to drill just a few more feet. Reluctantly he agreed.

Moments later, water gushed from the ground.

Sunita’s face broke into a big smile. “We prayed, and God answered our prayers! He blessed us!”

The well continues to provide all the fresh water the family needs for its farm. The neighbors marveled at the miracle. They ask, “Why are you so blessed?” Sunita says the answer is simple: God honors those who honor Him.

God honored Sunita’s prayer. When we honor God, He is also willing to provide us with an unlimited supply of the water of life.

Near Sunita’s home stands Alate Adventist school. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will be used to build 14 classrooms at the school so that more children can attend and learn about the God who answers prayers. Please remember Sunita’s family and the Alate school in your prayers and as we collect the Sabbath School mission offering.

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